Chess board life illusion by Ghramae Johnson

Most people live lives that resemble chess pieces on a chessboard

Welcome to the Chessboard illusion.

This might sound a little weird at first but let me ask you this –

“if a chess piece had eyes – what would it see and how would it think?.”

It would see opposition, separation, successful opportunities to control, lead and conquer. It would be focused on being part of a tribe, a collective, grouping together with allies and positioning against the opposing side.  It would harbor a scarcity mindset that was under a delusion of not-enough-to go around.

That thinking would eventually bread a justification for having to take directly from (the other) for self-preservation. You’d see countries invading other countries driven by nothing more than greed, you’d see big business, communities, families, and individuals in power struggles, planning to be better, stronger, richer and even happier than the other.

Large companies would prioritise profit unashamedly over human happiness, health and life.

Sound familiar yet?

Chess piece illusion

A collective consciousness under this level of illusion allows the game to continue and even evolve.

Very few ask, ” WHY?” or attempt to stop the game, by furiously making a stand and stating that ALL SHOULD POSSESS an equal portion of the board, as there’s more than enough to go around.

The ones that do are drowned out by the masses under the illusion.

The thought of the game stopping and redistributing power and wealth would simply spoil the fun of the bountiful materialistic experience, aferall most need a winning game were someone wins and many loose miserably. It would weaken the challenge of attainment, in the minds of the deluded.

Chess Board Illusion

We are programmed to believe in scarcity and that my loss, means your gain and visa versa. It’s deeply wired into our beliefs, unconscious mind and thinking from a systematic process of conditioning from a society under the spell. We’ve grown up to think it’s just the game of life, there are casualties and the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. We are convinced that there is only one choice, and that is to strive to be on the right side.

The right side equals success, approval, fame, respect and power. 

However, when we dare to take ourselves out of the immediate, limited perspective of the chess piece, we start to see another view of the set-up. the more we zoom out It looks increasingly less intense as it once did. In fact, we start to see the limitations of our once perfect perspective and only reality. it now looks like a small part of the bigger and greater picture. It doesn’t seem as important as it once did. There could be another game at play, even bigger than the one we thought was THE ONLY GAME. Maybe there was a deception in place, only to be seen from another perspective.

chess board illusion

Only when we start to track the evolution of the pieces on the board back to their respective origins we then gain more clarification and confirmation of the deception.

Wood Log Cut
Wood Log Cut for chess pieces and board..

All wooden chess pieces were taken from ONE LOG. They were and are all one organism.

The process of Seperation

All of the Chess pieces were carefully colored so that they would take their place as part of a separate group. Before that, they were shaped and carved into respective forms of importance, authority, and power – their identity was formed and they were then given instruction to be whomever they needed to be in order to guard what’s theirs including your identity. Then they were finally positioned on the board and forgetting the journey of separation, play against themselves to the death.

However, this is not how they started their existence … they were all part of ONE whole piece, from one family, from ONE SOURCE material.

What happened?


…and if only it ended there, lol

Carpenter crafting chess board

Oneness with all Life

The chess pieces will at some time in the future(as it ages) change from its skillfully crafted chess piece into another form of energy, in short returning eventually back to its original base form – energy, you could say back to ONENESS yet again.

It will then evolve and change form again at some point, into …who knows what?

And who knows what game it will be part of next time?


Or are you willing to see life in a completely different way?

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