Self discipline is the key to success


I’m always attempting to describe self-discipline to my clients, however, I find I describe it differently depending on who I sit down with. For this article I choose to describe it this way –

It is both a respecting and understanding of the process of success. It calls us to become committed,  patient and apply the required rituals and tasks connected to our desired outcome.

For example, sustaining the musical instrument lessons, maintaining the healthy eating, developing our relationship, reading a book a week or being consistent with the Thursday yoga classes. So How to Be more Disciplined in Life is about our ability to keep our attention and motivation on a worthy task.

We all know what it’s like to want to give up something that we’re not ‘feeling anymore’ or we can’t be bothered to do. In other words, we’re experiencing emotions that influence us in wanting to stop what we’re doing or taking the required action. Now, there is an unconscious process going on, and if we don’t get a grip on it, we can run the risk of not experiencing the life we could potentially experience, intern robbing the world of our contribution to it.

Self Discipline Tips – Self discipline is the key to success

Creating and Living the life we love is made much easier when we get a handle on our self-discipline, and in this article, I’m going to show you 3 ways on how to be more disciplined in life.


How to Be more Disciplined in Life

What is the importance of Self Discipline in life? How to be more disciplined in life with a clarified vision becomes increasingly more important, the more you understand the power of mental visualization. There is much written about creating a vision, for good reason I might add. Visions inform and instruct our brain and body to feel, see, expect and act in certain ways. They can inspire, motivate and energize us. In fact, if you don’t create a vision of where you want to go, you probably don’t know where you’re going, and you’ll get to that place of ’know where,’ fast. In short, you need a clear vision of your desire, this is important. Not just to show you where you’re going but to empower you along the way. This keeps you focused and motivated on your way there.

I know when I started to learn to play the piano, the mundane, boring repetition of the bare basics took its toll on me. I started to lose enthusiasm and the will to play. My focus on why I was even learning became jaded, all because I didn’t create and keep alive a vision. It was only after a couple of failed attempts to learn,  I finally committed myself to learn it by soaking in my desired outcome, my vision. It continued to energize me when disempowering thoughts swam around my mind, it strengthened me journeying through the steep learning curve.



If you really want to know how to be more disciplined in Life, understanding the benefits of self discipline and power of consistency will be of great benefit.

How to Be more Disciplined in Life

In short, the more familiar we are with the results that are produced when we’re consistent, the more consistent we’ll become, therefore our discipline will increase.

To help you to appreciate consistency, I want to make you aware of its magic; it’s wonder and sheer power.
The element of consistency I’m referring to is compounding.
To start with, the world-renowned scientist, Einstien referred to compounding as the 8th wonder of the world. He went on to say; it was the most powerful force in the universe.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Many of you may be familiar with the term compounding from the banking sector. It’s a type of interest that is added to the capital count, every cycle (per week, month year, etc.). If your fortunate enough to have your money held in an account like this, your money will grow at a rapid rate. Although it may start off pretty slow, it soon picks up the pace, and when it builds momentum, it grows at a very fast rate. This is entirely different from the standard interest that most of us experience in a regular account.

To illustrate this rapid growth even more clearly, I want to tell you a story.
This story is about a man that was in prison, hundreds of years ago. He was approaching the time of his execution. The morning of his execution day, he was escorted by two guards to stand before the king, this was customary. The man was asked for his last request. As the man was about to speak, he glimpsed a chess board to the right of the king. He straightened his back and confidently asked that his family be taken care of with some grains of rice. He continued to ask that one grain of rice be placed on the first square of the chess board and then two on the second, four on the third, eight on the forth, basically doubling up as they continued to fill every square. This would conclude in the last square(the sixty-fourth square) containing the largest amount, and this amount would be given to his family. As the king heard this, he laughed and said, is that it? the man quietly replied, yes.
The king agreed and then asked his workers to calculate this amount and deliver it to the family. When the King eventually received the sum, he nearly fell off his chair, and his small turned to deep dread. The amount was so enormous that it bankrupt the king and the village was indebted to the prisoner.

compound effect

This story shows the growing power of consistency, and it’s an expression, compounding.

How can this help you?

This applies to the development of every part of our life. Compounding happens when consistently, regularly and continually practice as a task or a ritual. Eventually, on the timeline of our learning, we’ll see a massive exponential spike of improvement upwards. Why? because of our experience, familiarity, skills, timing, confidence, strength, technique, rhythm all compound and multiply in this powerful way.


How to Be more Disciplined in Life

Understanding and mastering your emotions is key in how to be more disciplined in life. You see, our thoughts trigger emotion, emotion actions, and we act to either start a task, continue being consistent or stop and sometimes, never start.

Getting a grip on our emotional flow will help us to steer our lives in the directions we choose.
The way to do this is first becoming aware of this string of sections and it’s the effect on our lives. Second, we can expect emotions to rise that make us feel to give up, do something else or fail to start something. When they come we confront them with the understanding that they have only shown up because of the thoughts we’re subconsciously focused on. replacing the thought with an empowering thought will eventually change how we feel, therefore change how we act. By practicing this, we get better at directing this process so that it falls in line with our desired outcomes.

How to develop self discipline


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on How to Be more Disciplined in Life, I’ve also created a video on the same subject, watch and enjoy.

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