What is soul Spirituality?

The Path to spiritual progress is often lonely and narrow, yet it is a direct route to your optimized spiritual goal, as compared to the broad and easy road that is long-winding, and meanders into a maze in which you are invariably lost. You need to travel the narrow Path in solitude. 

It is a Path that most people fear to tread because of the steep, rocky terrain. It lacks the alluring glamour and glitter of the materialistic world, and thus appears less appealing to mankind in general. Those desirous of reaching their spiritual destination are not afraid of the arduous journey and are prepared to go all out to reach their divine goal with the power of will and grim determination. 

What spiritual means?

So what is the meaning of Spirituality? and what does it mean to be Spiritual?. Well, it’s not a title or an award that can be conferred on you; it has to be developed by dint of self-discipline and conscious-awareness. It is about catering to the needs of the soul and not to the lower desires of the self.

I love spiritual quotes about life …

A happy soul is a restful soul. In short, be in the world and not of the world.

Given below are some of the tips for those desiring to seek spiritual salvation: 

spiritual growth plan
spiritual vs religious vs totally lost
  • The Spiritual Path is a solitary Path. You need to mentally stand apart from the herd, which influence you with a myriad of beliefs and superstitions, pulling you in all directions — keeping you in the dark. You cannot go far when you are with the crowd. To walk the straight and narrow you require one-pointed concentration and self-discipline. And this is possible only when you live in your own energy, following the dictates of your inner guidance. 
  • Form a habit to meditate on a daily basis. Meditation re-establishes your connection with the Source for divine inspiration and guidance. It helps raise your vibrational frequency and opens doors to higher understanding, peace and tranquillity. Consequently, your desires and attachments that are not in keeping with your higher spiritual purpose will drop off, and you will begin to gravitate towards all that is conducive for your spiritual progress.
  • What is spiritual health? It’s practising unconditional love relentlessly with all. Unconditional love is a mighty force, which can propel you to greater spiritual heights. The love you find in this world is fear-based and conditional ever demanding validation between lovers, friends and loved-ones. The very essence of love is debased when its authenticity is weighed against the value of materialistic things and gifts. 

What is spiritual love?

This unconditional love is pure and pristine; it’s love for the sake of love. It is not demanding but giving. Unconditional love does not need the support or justification of the exquisite things of the world which are in themselves transient, fickle and illusory. 

  • Move with the River of Life. This means stop resisting against the tide of life when things do not go in your favor. Accept your hardships with responsibility and deal with them with grace and poise. This will make your journey smoother. Resistance will cause you greater suffering. It is foolhardy to fight against the mighty Current, for in doing so you will be thrashed and badly bruised. Move gracefully with the River of Life, and you will reach the safe shores of your destination in greater peace and well-being.  
  • Spend some quiet, contemplative moment with Nature in the evening, when your work is done. Your connection with Nature is a blessed reprieve from the trammels of the worldly-life. The healing Hand of the Mother has a rejuvenating, soothing effect upon the mind that is fraught with worries and tensions of the daily grind.


The journey into the Light is all about taking one baby-step at a time, with hope and courage. And after many a slip and fall your persistence to reach your goal will finally pay off. And that will indeed be your ultimate victory. 

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