What does enlightenment mean?  

True meaning of enlightenment

Many have asked the question, what is enlightenment? Well, there is much one can say about the answer to this question. Among the many things enlightenment is a state in which the seeker gains ‘ultimate truth’ or ‘absolute divine wisdom’. When the third eye or eye of wisdom opens then desires, wrath, greed, pride, and hatred increasingly decay from our consciousness. This experience can be termed as superconscious. In this experience, senses such as intellect take their rightful place. This experience brings a timeless and limitless quality where you sense a state of omniscient and omnipotent. You are completely immersed in the pool of peace that exists within you. You are no more subjected to the limits of a physical body. There is no longer a fear of death as it eludes from your perception. You live in that zone where your inner core becomes ego-less and attains energy from the self-luminous powers within you.

How to seek enlightenment 

What does enlightenment mean? - seek enlightenment

In the enlightened state, one sees past time and space. The only thing one can see is one’s true nature and something that was always there. The basic problem is that we are not able to identify as it hides behind the superficial layers formulated by thoughts, beliefs and memories accumilated over a period of time. These layers can be peeled away through meditation, chanting of specific mantras and different forms of yoga. Enlightenment according to modern psychology inculcates the perfection in higher consciousness which is a very deep realization, gives supreme joy, infinite eternal bliss as you plumb into the depth of profound knowledge and intuition.

Transformation in an enlightened person 

enlightened person

The enlightened individual enjoys the present moment which is beyond time, mind and space. He can enjoy the glimpses of eternity and understand the meaning of cosmic creation. He touches deep into his consciousness from where he feels connected to the entire creation and for him, the existence of a finite universe completely disappears. It’s the time when illusion comes to an end, there is oneness of everything, beyond all duality and divisions.  During concentration, the soul becomes completely free from the shackles of the gross body and tries to discover itself by rising above the physicality. As the bondage loosens, the truth of entire creation starts unfolding in front of him and that too on its own. It unlocks the divine cosmic vortices of nature. High awareness of consciousness assimilates with universal consciousness. Enlightenment develops the qualities of endless love, compassion, and wisdom. The chaotic energy of a scattered mind gets collected and prevails endless peace and bliss in the inner realms of mind and heart. All the negative propensities of mind are weeded out while moving on the path of self-discovery. A sense of equanimity comes while dealing with the upheavals of life be it a good or a bad experience. The enlightened person doesn’t swing like a pendulum between the extremities of the emotions. He remains balanced by maintaining love and patience within himself. Enlightenment synchronizes the frequency of mind and heart with the vibration of the universe. This happens due to the steady mind which remains unperturbed and free from fear and anger. Enlightenment enables the individual to control senses, desires, sorrow, and pleasures. The prana energy flows throughout the body and proceeds towards the indissoluble union with the true self.

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