What are Macros in Food Lesson 101

Is there a connection between superpower Macrobiotic diet, health, and Longevity?

I’ll use Macrobiotics and Microbiotic interchangeably throughout this article to reflect their use generally. However, most people have no idea what they refer to.

Some conjure images of apps like my fitness pal, meal prep, carbs, game macro, bodybuilding, keto, and even programs like macros for weight loss in females post pregnancy. In short, It’s the science of longevity and health. Experts state that both environment and social interactions largely influence every individual. It also includes the geographical climate they live in.

The best macro diet approach is more than just a low carb diet, weight loss diet or another how to lose weight fast type program. It perceives disease and illness as the body’s way of attempting to return to a more dynamic and harmonious state with nature. It highlights the extreme importance of a healthy diet as one of the critical variables that influence a person’s health and wellness.

High protein macros food

Many ask me …

  • What do you eat on a macrobiotic diet?
  • What food is good for a diet?
  • And what food I can’t eat when dieting?.


I have to first state that foods not only refer to a daily diet, but it also embraces the importance of living with healthy lifestyle habits for the long term.

The Macrobiotic Diet, What Foods Are Included?

macros food list
Macros food list; Organic mung beans on ceramic bowl.

Macrobiotic diet recipes prioritize locally grown foods, prepared in a natural manner. Macrobiotic benefit Foods are most beneficial when baked, boiled and steamed. Reducing or eliminating fried and processed foods are part of the dietary recommendations also.

Whole grains, vegetables, fermented soy, fish, nuts, soups, seeds, and fruits are the main components of a macrobiotic diet. People with specific needs can also be catered for within the macrobiotic diet by adjusting quantities and selecting certain ingredients. Consideration for the specific health conditions is important.

Allowing those with specific conditions, dietary requirements or even preferences, to modify their diet. Whilst still adhering to macrobiotic recommendations. Eating slowly and chewing food throughuoly is encouraged for people on the macrobiotic diet foods.

What Foods Are NOT Included in a Macrobiotic Diet?

Eat; Not the macronutrient diet

Does Diet Coke come under diet food? Was a question that dropped into my inbox, and I will attempt to shine some light on this.

You should avoid processed foods and foods, not in their natural state. This includes fatty meats, dairy products, sugar, caffeine, refined flour, alcohol, poultry, zucchini, and potatoes. Also, eliminate foods which are highly-concentrated and over stimulating from your daily diet.

Macrobiotics aims to achieve balance in every aspect of your life.

The health benefits of macrobiotic: Scientific Studies

my fitness pal
My fitness pal; Science study on Macrobiotics diet

Studies reveal and list the following:

a macrobiotic diet has helped many people lower their levels of blood pressure and serum lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides). Experts suggest that this kind of diet can also be used as an effective means of preventing the emergence of many cardiovascular diseases.

Many experts also believe that foods on the macro chart can also serve as a valuable inclusion in a cancer prevention plan. However, the macrobiotic diet remains the subject of controversy as many experts doubt its benefits when practiced by people who have diagnosed malignancies.

On the other hand, many anecdotal reports claim that its therapeutic effects are remarkable to patients who are suffering from advanced cancer diseases. However, to date, very few studies have been conducted that would prove or disprove the benefits of macrobiotic diet foods.

Can a macrobiotic diet cure cancer?

Further studies are warranted in order to prove the effectiveness of a macrobiotic diet in cancer prevention. Other concerns expressed by some experts include claimed risks of nutritional deficiencies in weight loss programs.

However, it is difficult to dismiss the long term health benefits of macrobiotics or any diet which is based on the consumption of organic and locally grown foods and the exclusion of highly processed ingredients.

We have articles on how to calculate macros and we have articles on how to count macros. Ultimatimate life is also building an app called the best macro calculator – stay tuned.

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