What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is a term synonymous with gaining wisdom, applying knowledge, and thinking differently to most humans, about pretty much everything in life.

It is a term that is often used to describe someone who has greater wisdom that goes beyond normal human wisdom. It is also a term used to describe those who have gone beyond normal realms of thinking, someone who thinks on a deeper level, obviously looking at the bigger picture. To be spiritually awake means you understand on a deeper level all aspects of life, possibly past life details as well. In some branches of Buddhism, they believe that Spiritual Awakening can happen immediately.

The Awakened One

The Buddha was also known as “the awakened one” and that he had exhausted all negative Karma if possible one would never be subjected to Samsara, known as the cycle of life. The cycle of Life, or Samsara, involves being born- suffering- dying and then reincarnating to start the process all over again. Those who have become spiritually awakened would also be people who have made it to the level where they are aware of their past lives, and things they did and what they need to do to exhaust that negative Karma. Those who have made it to that level of Buddha-hood would be extraordinary. Spiritual Awakening can be described as the ability to see beyond the normal realm of human sight.

Seeing through spiritual eyes instead of physical eyes, looking deeper into things and understanding on a deeper level. For most people, spiritual awakening process takes place over the entire course of their life although some people have reported immediate awakening. However, that would only be the very beginning of Spiritual Awakening. In reality, spiritual awakening must include spiritual awakening stages or levels or else the human brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening. The reason is that sometimes spiritual awakening can be quite overwhelming and it can often be scary too. Some of the experiences can be unnerving such as, looking at a piece of wooden furniture and seeing the entire life-time process of decaying in real fast time.

Understanding that we are all temporary beings and everything on Earth is temporary…you know that even though you can’t physically see the speed of deterioration that is still happening over someone or somethings lifetime. So that is one experience that a person could witness during spiritual awakening. You can imagine how unnerving it would be to look at someone you know and see them age over the course of 50 years all in a matter of 2 minutes. Spiritual Awakening can include experiencing visions and phenomenons like that. When you can see the truth in lies when others can’t you are more awake and have more abilities you’ve tapped in a deeper level of your mind.

Psychic abilities

It is said that psychic abilities are awakened when spiritual awakening takes place as well. There’s a deeper understanding of how everything in life works, how things in the universe work, and it’s actually hard to explain how that comes about but that is part of being spiritually awake, as well. It is very known that those who are spiritually awake are nonconformist to societal standards because on present-day Earth most of humanity has turned their backs on natural ways of living, although that is how humans were meant to exist. Those who have spiritually awakened would be totally the opposite and would see the benefit of all living beings on the planet and in living a natural, simple, healthier, lifestyle… as an awakened being.

Although the process of awakening and upgrading effects each person differently, some of the symptoms that you could experience are:

  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Feeling lost
  • Wanting a new career
  • Wanting a new relationship
  • Wanting to be alone instead of connected in a relationship
  • Wanting to travel the world
  • Wanting to read more
  • Wanting to eat better and taking on whole new diets
  • Taking on whole new lifestyles that you usually wouldn’t consider
  • A shift towards an interest in Buddhism
  • A new found interest in psychics, metaphysical stuff, etc.
  • A new found interest in new music that feeds the soul, such as Kirtan, chanting, and mantra
  • Feeling homesick even when you are in your house
  • Noticing you are affected more by the moon, sun, clear starry night and planetary events
  • A feeling of wanting to help others
  • A feeling of wanting to change the world
  • A shift to a more artistic you
  • Psychic abilities waking up
  • Vivid dreams that are becoming intense and more often

And these are just a few of the things that people are experiencing. It is easy to understand that a gradual change in oneself is easier to deal with than a fast-paced change. Some of you will handle it just fine and some of you will notice it more than others. Contacting your spiritual advisor who is in the know about this stuff and working one on one over weeks, months at a time is the best way to really learn who you are becoming and what you need to do to make the shift to higher consciousness easiest. The old saying holds true here, “resistance is futile and will only make it harder.” It is very common for those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening to have problems with the event because they simply do not understand what is happening to them.

The fact is, spiritual awakening changes a person totally not only on the inside but also on the outside. It is not uncommon for physical changes to be noticed by your friends and family. Most people know that the mind controls the body so when you upgrade the mind, physical changes, mental changes, emotional changes, all that can be experienced. In a nutshell, Spiritual Awakening is the upgrading of your mind and your soul to a higher conscious state. It is said that the Earth is currently in a state of evolution which includes human evolution into a higher state of consciousness and that this event is currently in overdrive.