How to be more Decisive

Life demands us to continually select, choose and make decisions. Research clearly shows that we find the whole process of making decision mentally draining at times. In this very post, you will learn how to be more decisive and enhance one’s decision making skills.

Some of these studies state that, there’s a limit to the number of decisions we can comfortably make each day.

Many of us get stuck when it comes to making big decisions and this lost time can never be regained. However, there are many benefits to Become More Decisive.

Those that find life challenging tend to be slow decision makers and they go back and forth in their indecision. Also successful people seem to decide quicker and thereafter stick to them.

Learn how to be more Decisive and Make decisions quickly and confidently with these strategies:

1. The Root of Your Procrastination.

There is always a root or reason to why we delay making decisions. Locating the root can fast-track you towards moving forward. Tell me, are you fearful of failure? What about making permanent decisions? What’s at the heart of slowing you down and preventing you from deciding quickly and moving full-speed ahead?

2. Awareness of Your Values.

Decisions are easier when you know what’s most important to you. Having a firm grasp of the things that you value clarify many decisions that lay before you. If you don’t know who you are or what’s meaningful to you, decisions become cloudy and far from crystal clear.

If you need to clarify your values, List them down and put them in order of priority. Now see if your decision is easier to make.

3. Time Sensitivity. Delay hardly ever leads to quality decisions.

Instead, it invariably wastes valuable time. When you can’t choose between multiple options, it either equates to they’re equally good or you’re unaware of what’s clearly more of a priority to you. Sometimes in that position of being confused, It’s better to pick one and move forward. Or retreat, give yourself a day or two to make up your mind and then charge ahead.

A poor decision is often better than no decision at all. If you’ve given your situation any thought, it’s unlikely you’re even considering a poor decision.

4 . Fewer options by default allows for quicker decisions.

There’s a reason that many CEOs and even a few presidents choose to wear the same thing each day. It cuts down on the number of decisions they have to make.

It is a fact that after a certain amount of decisions we eventually suffer from mental fatigue.

Do the simple things the same way each day, such as preparation for work or making dinner. This conserves your energy for the bigger, more important things that really. Develop as many habits or automatic subconscious behavours as you can to free up your thinking mind for those important life decisions.

5. Perfect-Decision Syndrome: Don’t Get Trapped in this illusion.

Understand that, every option you have available to you has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll never find the absolutely perfect option, so don’t waste your time and energy attempting to find a solution that doesn’t exist. Instead, approach every selective process as narrowing down your options to the of your ability and then simply choose something.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?.We often forget to ask ourselves the basic but most powerful question – ‘What are you hoping to accomplish with your decision?’. Imagine you are trying to decide between two holiday destinations for a family vacation. Both sound great, but which is better? That depends all depends of what is most valuable to you.

  • Saving money and budgeting?
  • Close proximity to a beach?
  • A location with an educational or historical aspect?
  • Stay close to home?
  • Sleeping in nature?

Think about what you want to achieve with your decision and the best option will become more clear.

How to make a decision

Do you struggle with the big decisions in life? If so, you’re not alone. Decisions can seem so complicated, but the act of making a decision is often more important than the actual option chosen.

Know yourself and your desired outcome. Narrow your options and make a decision. Then, forge confidently ahead based on whatever decision you’ve made.

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