Kundalini awakening signs    

Kundalini awakening has powerful effects on the various human systems 

Nervous system 

On kundalini awakening there is an inexplicable amount of energy enhances in our body. Several changes are felt in the nervous system. And during pre-awakening sessions, practitioner experiences vivid changes in the mind. The mystic experience can be sensed on top of the vital chakra points. Sometimes tingling sensation occurs at Ajna chakra or third eye and even in the spine, it’s primarily because of the rise in energy through the different chakras. Your past comes to the surface, especially the sad moments appear before you and they get released from your chakra system. Our chakra system present in subtle body corresponds with the functioning of nervous system present in physical body.       

Physical symptoms

Kundalini awakening : A woman wide awake in bed
A woman wide awake in bed

 According to certain other physical symptoms, an individual wakes up in the middle of the night or at early morning hours with lots of sweat and sometimes the person is in the bewildered state as he experiences huge amount of energy ascending at the back of the spine which can be harmful if not controlled properly. At times the practitioner comes across the peculiar sights or an incredible concurrence of events happening in his life which leaves him with the feeling of wonder and perfection. As he is able to connect better with others because of his powerful intuitive abilities. He observes the world from a different perception. With the enhancement of energy in Ajna Chakra his third eye opens and perceive things beyond time and space. He is able to associate with his true nature. 

 Behavioural symptoms 

 Practitioner becomes a great organizer as he is able to sort out the differences in relations, clutter at home or at working place and is able to mend his old habits. He questions the existing contemporary ways of living life and observe the religious and political scenario from a different point of view. He feels like rerouting the journey of his life by giving selfless service to others. He gains immense satisfaction by helping others. Initially, he experiences anger as his mind didn’t do justice with him by engaging him in the trivial issues of life. Then he realizes the cause of his setback that altered everything in his life but he controls his anger which gradually withers away and gives way to the eternal peace in his mind and soul. His soul realises the dualities of life but at the same time seeks for the oneness in purity. 

 Functioning of kundalini   

Kundalini lies in a dormant manner at the base of the spine. Once it is awakened the energy moves through the spiral-shaped channels namely ‘nadis’ as the energy surges through the chakras it culminates at the last chakra called Sahasrara chakra. Before you initiate the awakening process, just ensure that energy is clean and purified as it will circulate in your nadis and chakra system. The impact is going to be very powerful and will transform your subtle and physical body forever.        

 Everlasting impact after awakening 

Benefits of Kundalini Awakening
Portrait of smiling white woman

Benefits of Kundalini Awakening

As and when kundalini awakens physical, mental and spiritual transformation takes place in body, mind and soul. At the physical level, our body starts healing if we are suffering from any serious ailment or otherwise you feel energetic throughout the day. You will be able to fulfill your tasks without getting exhausted. Mentally we feel strong as we are able to tackle the extreme emotions with equanimity as the balanced mind leads to better concentration because of which we are able to procure the silent mind and that too for long intervals. Our progress on spiritual path increases in leaps and bounds. This transformation in the mind, body and soul continues until it is perfect and complete.    

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