I’ve often wondered, what it would be like to go forward 100 years into the future, load-up with wisdom and then turn back to give powerful advice or important life lessons to my 5-year old version.

If you wanted to transform your 5-year old version into a wise toddler (at least create a solid foundation), what would you say?

This is an exercise I did with Ghramae Johnson as part of a workshop. It made everyone dig deep, think, re-think, carefully select and prioritize.

Raising the stakes a little. Let’s say you only had 15 minutes to relay 6 great life lessons for kids that were soon to become adults, what would they be?

Lessons Learned in Life – Powerful Life Wisdom

Here are 6 such golden nuggets you may or may not have thought of. I hope these will give you ideas as well as an opportunity to integrate more wisdom into your life.

life lessons for kids
Inspirational life lessons

1. Life learning: Anger is always driven by fear. 

Yoda once wisely said,

“Fear is the path to the dark side.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

If we experience suffering, particularly if it is for extended periods, we usually think it is from something outside of our control or something we detest. After we overcome those feelings, lying just underneath is anger and some kind of pain that we kept inside for a very long time. Fear is always underneath this. Vulnerability, loss and letting go are some of the fears we all have. When you begin to see the fear, you will begin to notice the other side of the coin, compassion. Once you see this, you will start moving in the right direction.

2. To “do what you love,” follow your bliss.

The truth is, a large  majority of people spend a lifetime in jobs they don’t love. They are told what they should and shouldn’t do by their parents, friends, peers, town, etc. Other times they go after things they have no love for at all. However, to “do what you love,” shouldn’t be an exception, look at it as a privilege. You certainly need to put in the required effort and follow the resounding bliss coming from your heart starting today.

Build confidence in how your heart leads and advises you. Become sensitive to its signals.

It will show you what you really want.

3. Our daily habits create our future selves – Daily habits to improve life

The action you take today is going to determine what you will be tomorrow. Reproduce that action for a week and then you start to make subtle changes. Reproduce that action for a month, the changes become more noticeable. You will become unrecognizable when you repeat those changes for one, two or five years. You now totally changed in that way. There is tremendous power is small daily changes repeated over time. Your daily habits, good or bad, will ultimately determine the person you become.

4. All people have their own agenda.

This cliché saying usually has negative connotations. However, this is not the way it is being used here. Know that when you boil it down, we have to provide for ourselves. All of us have goals, dreams, aspirations, families, loved ones, and we are all looking for the same basic things. You have trustworthy people around you, but to keep yourself grounded, know that everyone has their own agenda and you have no control over theirs. Don’t expect other people to put your agenda before theirs. Even if they put their agenda before yours, it will only happen for a short time and the truth will eventually come out. Make an effort to help others realise their dreams as you ask for help in moving towards your own dreams. When you do this, the relationship will go much smoother and in a positive direction.

5. Practice Your Emotional Intelligence.

When we think about practice, invariably a particular skill appears in the forefront of our mind. You may think about practicing a specific sport, a speech or a musical instrument. We hardly ever think of practicing our emotional management. You have the option to practice certain emotions like humility, self-awareness, humor, forgiveness, etc. Keep in mind that anger, conflict, resentment, and drama are also practiced emotions. Your emotional persona reflects what you think about consciously or unconsciously. It’s funny, the people we are today, the personalities we express are influenced by the emotions we more frequently practice.

6. A Journey is sometimes more valuable than the final achievement.

It is a good thing to set a goal and get help from others to help you achieve it. However, It’s very different when you sacrifice your own well-being as well as those close to you in the pursuit of that goal. The emotional stress in the pursuit is not worth the high when the goal is achieved. If the journey isn’t enjoyable, there is no meaning in achieving the ultimate goal. The journey is more important than the destination.

7. Hard work and fun can co-exist.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to work hard and have fun at the same time. It is easier for the best ideas to surface. In a joyful atmosphere, ideas flow easier. Laughter is the basis of human connections and laughter while working or problem-solving opens new ideas.  Some people get old and grumpy and never learn this lesson. Having fun is a vital part of life.

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