How to Spiritually Heal Yourself

Spiritual healing is wholly dependent upon the power of the Universal energy. Pranic energy or the Universal life-force is the source of sustenance for all living beings. It is the energy that nurtures and animates your body, and keeps it ticking until your soul decides to step out and move on to the higher spiritual-planes of existence.

Spiritual healing is also referred to as a holistic healing. There are a whole lot of healing modalities, techniques and the works, yet the energy invoked, remains the same in all. You do not need to be qualified to practice spiritual healing because the power of soul healing is innate in each one of us.

Unlike the medical treatments which deal with ailments at the superficial level, spiritual healing heals from the inside-out. This helps to eliminate the malady from its roots with greater efficacy and success, resulting in permanent relief from the disease. 

Understanding the cause of disease

In order to heal spiritually it is necessary to have a general understanding of the growth of disease. No disease shows up suddenly in your body. It is a gradual process taking weeks or years to develop. 

Disease and sickness is the result of the depletion of the pranic energy in your being. Lack of sufficient pranic energy dis-empowers your body’s inbuilt healing mechanism. As a result, the pollutants remain embedded in your auric-field and obstruct the healthy circulation of the vital energy, thus depleting your body of this vital energy. The toxins and impurities thus, continue to fester in your being until they manifest as dreaded diseases. 

Unhealthy lifestyle, negative thoughts and emotions, self-sabotaging beliefs and wrong habits are some of the causes for producing etheric pollution in your being. 

How to spiritually heal yourself – Spiritual healing methods

Spiritual healing helps clear up the blockages and restores the smooth flow of the Universal energy into the spiritual body . The energy then replenishes the entire being and revitalizes the cells and molecules of your body. Your depleted organs begin to function at their optimum as they are nursed back to health.

The criteria to spiritual healing are the will to heal, faith and conviction.  

Let us assume you want to relieve a throbbing headache. You can do this by lying down in the comfort of your bed. Simply connect with the Source through a short prayer and then intend the Universal energy to heal you.

Visualize this energy as white or gold light or any other color that you feel is good for you. See this energy shooting down from the sky and going straight to the area of discomfort.

Imagine the Light soothing your head and subduing the dull ache. You can visualize the color of pain as dark, murky red… see it getting paler as the throbbing gradually subsides, while the Light continues to heal your affliction.

Remain with this imagery until your headache has completely disappeared. This will not just relieve your headache but will also have an invigorating effect on you in general.

The headache is probably due to the clogging in that part of your body. The divine energy simply clears off the impurities and re-establishes the circulation, thus healing you of your malady in a safe and friendly manner.

Benefits of spiritual healing:

  • Clears the etheric blockages and restores the smooth flow of the Universal energy into the body in your being
  • Aligns your body, mind and soul for greater health and well-being
  • Brings about permanent healing
  • It is safe, with no drastic side-effects – instead, you experience rejuvenation and vitality at all levels of your being.
  • Increases your vibrational frequency and attunes you with your Source
  • Your vibrancy renders you invincible against the evils of the outside world. 
  • You can heal any living creature, animals and plants, as well as the planet itself.

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