How to Spiritually Heal Yourself

The pressures of the worldly life are highly demanding, so much so that they take up all of your time and attention on the outer aspects of your being while your inner being – your soul – is completely neglected and left to fend for itself. The plaintive cries of the soul are drowned by the raucous voice of your lower-self with its ever-increasing demands which gravitate around greed and want. Your soul is thus starved and weakened, having no energy to ward off the intrusive pollutants from your being.

Astral Body

Your astral body is the focal point of all the imbalances and chaos in your being, and this manifests at the physical level in the form of sickness and maladies. Your physical health is interdependent on your inner health, or your consciousness. Your thoughts, emotions, words and actions are highly responsible in contributing towards your health and well-being. When you choose to live with greater optimism, peace and divinity, you build in you matter that is of a purer quality, your vibrations accelerate and you enjoy greater well-being at all levels of your being.

On the other hand, fears, doubts, jealousies and pessimism, anger, hatred, depression and grief produce emissions of the most lethal kind. Most of the time man lives on the demands and provocations of his lower emotions, desires and greed, without really caring about what he is building into his body. He exercises no supervision over these particles as they come and go. The impurities get embedded in the auric-field of the person and densify your astral body so that you begin to vibrate at a much lower frequency. Low vibrations create a favourablebreeding ground for the invasive pollutants where they continue to fester and crystallize in your energy-field, thus obstructing the free-flow of the pranic energy.  

When this flow is obstructed, the entire endocrine system and the major organs are deprived of their nourishment so that they are too debilitated to function at their optimum. Consequently, you experience dis-ease at the physical level. 

Raising your vibration

Spiritual healing replenishes your being with the pranic energy and raises your vibrational frequency. The higher vibrations empower the body’s in-built mechanism to shatter all stubborn blockages and repairs the damage done to the major organs. It clears away the pollutants and toxins, restores healthy circulation of the pranic energy. With that you begin to thrill with greater well-being and rejuvenation at all levels of your being. 

The Root of Dis-ease

All diseases have their roots in the subtle body. This is why medical science fails to eradicate the diseases permanently despite the harsh treatments and medication. Medical science is restricted to deal with the outer symptoms of the disease; the relief derived from such superficial treatment is bound to be transient so that the patient is compelled to depend upon medication for as long as he lives. 

Spiritual healing bypasses your physicality and penetrates deep within to reach the core of your being, and uproots the cause of the disease. This effectuates in permanent healing devoid of any drastic side-effects. On the contrary, it generates a greater vitality and peace to your entire system.

Holistic Healing

It is no wonder that holistic healing is gaining grounds rapidly over medical science, and this gentle, empowering treatment is a welcome relief to those suffering relentlessly form maladies without any hope of recovering completely. Spiritual healing brings with it hope, strength and wellness to your body, mind and soul as compared to the medical treatments which weaken the body’s immune system with their severe repercussions. All this subjects the body to a lot of trauma, thus hastening the aging process, while death is imminent as the body begins to fall apart and the soul is forced to leave its debilitated abode.  

Spiritual healing is no magic. It is the science of spiritism, of which many are quite ignorant of as they continue to deal with their problems at the superficial level without really arriving at any tangible solution.

Some of the familiar healing methods known world-wide are:

  • Pranic Healing – This treatment is comprehensive of scanning your energy-field, clearing the affected area of the impurities, energizing and sealing. Scanning helps to detect the abnormalities in your aura, indicating the root cause of your malady. 

With that, you go on to clearing and repairing the affected area until your energy-field is back to normal. This is then followed by energizing the cleansed area with the pranic energy, nursing you back to health. The divine healing energy is then sealed to prevent the leakage of the transmitted energy.

  • Reiki – Reiki is a Japanese form of hands-on healing. The practitioner places his hands over the patient’s body and transmits the Universal energy through his hands onto the patient. Here, the healer serves as a channel for the Universal energy to flow through. 

Sometimes the healer uses the reiki symbols which empower the healing process. Time and space are no barriers to administer reiki. Distant healing is one of the techniques of reiki. This is a great advantage for the healer as well as the patient, as it does away with the inconvenience of commuting or making time to be physically present for your healing sessions. 

However, you can use Reiki to recharge your being whenever you feel out-of-sorts as well as for general well-being. It helps towards the upkeep of your body, mind and soul at all times.

  • Guided Imagery – Yet another powerful healing technique is creative visualisation. Here, the person is guided to heal through the power of his imagination. He is made to visualiseempowering images of radiant health and optimism. The positive images stimulate the energy body to produce the results which you envision. The brain acts upon these visuals as a reality and sends out signals to the cells and molecules of your body to act upon these for the desired end-result. 
  • Hypnotherapy – This therapy is ideal for those who have trouble dealing with emotional problems and phobias. The suggestions are instilled in your subconscious by the hypnotherapist while you are put in a light trance. In this state, the conscious or the waking-mind is subdued and the sub-conscious surfaces to the forefront. The suggestions thus enter the sub-conscious mind directly without any interference from the conscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy can successfully obliterate deleterious thought-patterns and generate new thought-patterns of beauty and perfection, thus delivering greater relief and freedom from all compulsive habits and behavior. 

  • And then, there are methods which use the vibration techniques like the sound waves, colourtherapy and music therapy to restore balance and harmony in your being.  

At the end of the day it is all a play of the Universal energy. So keep your being ever charged with the robust flow of the universal energy, and enjoy bounteous health and happiness all life-long.