Why Become a Minimalist in 2019?

Life in 2019 is all about catching up, rushing around and accumulation. It may seem as if you have to gasp for a breath of air at times. There is so much on our plates and not enough time, energy and sometimes desire to get it all done. But have you realized what you are missing out amidst all this?

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Well, we tend to clutter our lives with multiple thoughts, things and more things each month. Is that all that life is about? Have you ever looked around your space and thought “Oh boy! That is a lot to organize and handle?” Have you ever wondered if you really need all of that? Becoming a minimalist may sound like a strange new concept to some, however if you are already familiar with it you could use some tips to make life simpler. 

Becoming a Minimalist-The Concept In-A-Nut-Shell 

Minimalism is not just a fashionable concept, it is a way of life driven by a mental attitude. Being a minimalist means that you will adopt minimalism as a way of living and spending money. You need to harmonize your priorities according to your finances and lifestyles. Minimalism means appreciating less material things around you and avoiding consumer culture which clutters your life with unnecessary stuff. This allows you to realize what you actually “NEED” vs what you simply “WANT” for the sake of it. 

5 Baby Steps for a Beginner Minimalist

If you have decided to walk on this path as a beginner or are already in half-way into it here are some thing you might like to consider. It is never too late and propelling towards you goals as a minimalist can immensely help you save tons and tons of spending and declutter mentally as well as physically. Basically, this is your major move to gain control over your life. 

You absolutely don’t need to rush through this all, baby steps are all we need to make things work at your comfortable pace. Behold! It requires patience but in the end is well worth it. Below are a few steps which will help you re-organize your life with a focused and practical approach: 

1) Stick with Your Reasoning-It Defines Your Goal 

This involves realizing what initially made you wonder how to live a minimalist life. Once you know why you need to re-establish your lifestyle you can easily have a bucket list of things to do ahead. This allows you to have a game plan and move towards achieving the set goal. Living minimalist lifestyle has different reasons for different people. Maybe you are working on how to become a minimalist with a family? Maybe you want to be debt free or you feel stressed with all that mess around you? 

Nonetheless, jot down your reasons and start quitting the old habits one at a time. Keep a diary and note down your little achievements and start feeling great while you get closer to living minimalist lifestyle

2) Figure Out Your Problem Area

We all have our worst zones at home, office etc. If you are wonderinghow to become a minimalist at homeyou need to pick a trouble area and start acting. Do not, I repeat DO NOT unwind the entire house in a go, it would be a disastrously erupting volcano. Start with one corner, your ward robe or your library, loft etc.  You can choose to sell pre-loved belongings you can’t and don’t want to keep or donate for a better cause.Feel the liberation as you go and thank yourself for it.You are on it! 

3) Consider You Meals, They Make a Major Chunk of Your Material Life

Becoming a minimalistand focusing on how to become a minimalist familyboth involve your food budget check. It does make a huge difference to your weekly decluttering regimen. Some people fill up their refrigerators and pantry to the brink each week and end up wasting piles of unconsumed food. 

The best way to deal with this is to simply your daily menu. Make a practical grocery list with is based on sustainable food and organic living. This is possible if you avoid buying frozen, deli products and other processed foods. Simple foods also require lesser ingredients and hence are less stressful and time consuming to prepare.

Therefore, minimalist approach to eating would be about fulfilling your nutritional needs, easy preparation and limited essential ingredients. The basic minimalist food list includes major food groups like fresh poultry, vegetables, seasonal fruit, nuts & seeds, whole grains, beans & legumes, nutritious and heart friendly oils like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. 

4) Declutter Your Mind

There is nothing like mental peace and no replacement for it. While working around how to minimalize your life it is essential to declutter you mind as well. This offers greater satisfaction and acceptance. Your mind is able to access the surroundings clearly. Yoga and meditation can help you achieve that balance with rejuvenate focus and energy to act. 

5) Budgeting in Limited Income- The One-Week Rule 

The one-week rule is a simple tip to practice while living minimalist lifestyle. It will propel you towards the right decisions based on what is actually needed and what are the extras. Do not jump to conclusion and make hasty decisions about buying new stuff. Observe then access and delay for a week. If you really forget all about it after a week, you never needed it in the first place.  

How Can I become a Minimalist in 2019? 

With growing consumerism and materialistic approach to life you may be confused where to start. Considering these few simple patterns of from life of minimalists can help you organize your life better if you are planning on becoming a minimalist.

7 Things Minimalists Don’t Do

  • Minimalists don’t worry about trends. 

This is one secret minimalist successfully incorporate in their daily life. They choose to spend on fewer high-quality items which are actually required rather than cluttering up space with all the trendy things which become useless as soon as trends change. There is no concept of fitting in when you are a minimalist as everything is focused towards being your own self and having your own simple style. 

  • They Don’t Rely on General Opinion 

General opinion is not something that bothers a minimalist. Once you have decided to walk on this path, your personal goal and priorities are all you would be aiming at. Popular opinion and public influence s the last ting on the mind of a practicing minimalist. Hence, the final important decisions do not change depending on other’s opinions. 

  • They Only Live in Their Present

This is one concept to consider if you are aiming at successfully minimalizing your life and live with less around you. You cannot keep all the things you owned in the past and yet live a cutter fee life without the hassle of organizing stuff again and again.  It is wise to keep only those things that support your current goal and propel you towards it rather than holding you back. 

  • They Focus on Memories More Than the Collectibles 

Yes, this is typically a minimalist friendly concept. Minimalist lifestyle focuses on making some great memories and living in the present moment. They travel lightly, look for one adventure after the next and do not aim at collecting things on the way. This means, all your memories are safe with you in your head and not piling up your space. 

  • They Focus on Spending Actual Quality Time

It makes complete sense to spend more time with actual people instead of spending time buying, cleaning and organizing new stuff week after week. Lesser you have lesser you have to maintain and hence more time is available for friends and family. This also means that you don’t have to spend on thing you don’t actually need just to impress people you don’t actually like. 

  •  They Don’t Clean Things They Don’t Need

Most of the time we end up spending time cleaning things we don’t even use or plan to use in the near future. This requires your special time and effort. When you are living minimalist lifestyle, you need to let go of such belongings to spend time on things you actually love. This not only frees up space but in addition gives you enough time to cherish meaningful things around you. 

  • They are Not Irrational, They Design a Simple Life

They make decisions after asking themselves creative questions. Their ideas are constantly evolving, and they spend energy designing a simple life with rational ideas. They ask themselves questions like: Do I really need this to function? Why did I settle for this? Does its absence really make a difference in my life? Asking meaningful questions and seeking answers to them helps to stay connected to things which you really love. 

10 Items the Everyday Minimalist Doesn’t Own 

Here are a few things which you would never see a minimalist recommending. If you plan on becoming a strict minimalist, here are a few things you need to say good-bye to:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Stereo system/CD Player
  3. Paper Calendar
  4. Dresser or cupboards
  5. Extra Pillows for Décor
  6. Lamps
  7. Rugs
  8. Coffee Table
  9. Ottoman
  10. Sofa

Things that Minimalists Do Own- A Considerate Life 

Noticeably, all minimalists strive to get rid f the things which hold back their freedom. There is a certain pattern which you will observe in the belongings list of most minimalists. They always own important gadgets like cell phone, laptop, USBs and headphones. Their luggage essentials are usually a backpack. Clothes include very basic sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, socks and underwear. Personal hygiene is never compromised and instead it is focused on limited essentials like a toothbrush, deodorant and a basic soap, shampoo etc. Wallet, Jacket and Shoes are amongst some other common items. 


As per the rules, a minimalist would always say, “lesser, the better”. Also, practicing a clutter free life-style gives you more freedom to explore the true meaning of life.