Monday, October 14, 2019


Life Design Coach: Real talk, Real lessons, Real applying, Real change!

My name is Ghramae Johnson, the CEO of Ultimate life Magazine, best selling author, speaker and life enthusiast among other things.

As a coach, I have a deep-set passion to see individuals wake up and blossom into their greatest version. By default of being born we’ve all been given a multitude of precious gifs, encompassed by the greatest gift we call life. I like to say we have Choice and Options, now the challenge is to use both of these gifts to our advantage, not to our detriment.


This challenge can get a little overwhelming at times especially when we want to gain clarity, move in a specific direction or achieve focused goals. the biggest goal all of us have is to create and live a life we adore. Whether that is success-driven, serving a God or simply living in harmony with nature. These are descriptions of lives many that many of us desire to create and live within.

I’ve helped many achieve live they deeply want to live and do that with instilling powerful life lessons within their being so that they are applied to their lives and thus bring about real change.

This video presents one of my clients’ learning, changing and transforming his life for the good.



I’ve always been real inquisitive about life and how to play it skillfully. Let’s face it, you can just trial and error your way through, play it with a modicum of awareness or you can live on-purpose and deliberately¬†with great skill. From living life as a clueless little boy, I would ask (some would say annoying) questions that would eventually drive me to clarity on many issues regarding life.

How can you be yourself? and to become your greatest version? has always been a fascination of mine. Throughout the years I have shared many teachings, lessons and coaching sessions about various aspects of this topic. I’ve even cut a few videos covering an issue within this topic.. the full expression of yourself.


I didn’t start life, loving and getting excited about each moment that presents itself to me. No!, I couldn’t have been further from my present experience. I was frustrated, disempowered and insecure, riddled with feelings of unworthiness and not-belonging. However, those feelings of frustration and insecurity turned into a constant inquisition and desire to move towards a state of deep joy and fulfillment.

I started to see my inflictions and adverse situations as positive challenges, taking to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore wisdom and happiness.