What is Karma – Its Meaning

Karma is the law of action. It forms the universal Law of Cause and Effect. This Law conforms to the great law of harmony in all of the cosmos. Every thought, word and deed is accountable in order to maintain the perfect balance in the cosmos. Even the smallest atom that is thrown out of balance due to thoughts and words that are not in alignment with the Law of Harmony has to be restored into balance.

How to Get Rid of Karmic Debt – Spiritual Meaning of Karma

No man escapes this divine law. He has to undergo the trials and tribulations of Karma in order to restore the cosmic balance, which he violated through his inharmonious thoughts, intentions and deeds. This further goes on to prove that it is not Karma that punishes or rewards man, but man himself is responsible for the repercussions of his own actions and thoughts, depending on whether he abides by the Laws of Nature or defies them.

The Dynamics of the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect

Action and reaction are equal and opposite, the force is always coming back to the centre from which it came. All forces are governed by the law of rhythm of motion and move in circles, and must return to the point of departure. In other words, those who set causes in motion must inevitably experience the effects on themselves.

The Universe is eternally merciful. It does not condemn you to hell and damnation for your wrongs but gives you eternal opportunities to improve upon your mistakes by means of karma. Therefore, go through your tribulations with peace and grace.

Characteristics of Karma – Understanding Karma

The Laws of Karma seem harsh but only appear to be cruel, in reality they are infact merciful. No divine intervention or heartfelt prayers can relieve you of your karmas. When you pray, pray not to get rid of your sorrows, but for strength, courage and guidance to help you go through the storms of life with peace and optimism. 

Doctor control

Your Karmas are as merciful as the scalpel of a surgeon. A surgeon puts you through the agony and discomfort of his knife out of care and consideration of your health so that you can once again be free to lead a healthy life. He has to do this in order to dispel the offensive intruder, which has thrown your body out of gear and rendered the system dysfunctional. The workings of karmas are analogous to that of the scalpel. They are here to purify your soul and in so doing, you will be subject to pain, sorrow and discomfort. This is transient; so go through your karmas with hope and cheer; they are the only means to a healthy, harmonious and a vibrant life.

Theory of Karma

Once the Law of Karma is set in motion there is nothing you can do to stop it. The imbalances must be restored to balance, and karmas help to do this effectively. The only way to get rid of Karmas is to learn from your life-situations. Prayers and meditation will empower you with greater strength, peace and courage to confront your life-challenges with an optimistic mind-set, and thus soften the impact of the blows of life.

Here are some of the points which can help you to create further karma for a more happy and wholesome future: 

  • Live from a higher perspective, in conformity with the Universal Laws
  • Live for the good of others with kindness and compassion
  • Strive to illumine your mind with spiritual knowledge
  • Have a charitable disposition towards those who live to humiliate others
  • Always be in control of yourself when provoked to anger 
  • Embrace the sunshine of optimism through all storms of life


When you start to live from a higher perspective, living for the good of others, you will ultimately rid yourself of all karmas, and enjoy the fruit of your kindness and compassion.