How do you Find Inner Peace?

finding inner peace

Peace is a quintessential state of your soul. This is not about the quietude of your surroundings; but about the quietude of the mind amidst the chaos and confusion of the outside world.  

Here are some tips to find your inner peace:

experience peace within
Peace is always found within not externally

Release your obsessions with materialism: 

The inner peace is the elixir on which your spirit thrives and prospers. It is deep and profound. In this state of self contentment you no longer desire to rummage in the mires of materialism for your peace and happiness. Peace within cannot be compared to material wealth.

Amassing the things of the world out of greed can sicken you after a while. Materialism can never satisfy the desires of the soul; it is an illusion – an entrapment, which creates a continual, insatiable craving for more. Consequently, you end up forsaking your spiritual freedom at the cost of your soul’s well-being. Look upon materialism as no more than a means of getting by in this world without any compulsions. After all, you are only a temporary resident of this planet. 

Let go of your negative attachments with your past situations: 

Hardships and problems come as important chapters in your life. They present you with the lessons of learning that are beneficial for the evolvement of your soul. You cannot rid them out of your life by resisting and fighting against them; this only creates a sense of struggle. Overcome your ordeals by dealing with them with responsibility. Once the purpose is served, the harrowing memory must be released from your heart and mind.

Be kind to yourself, and let go of your miserable past. You have been carrying the load for so long, that it is time now to shake it off your shoulders, and free yourself from its cumbersome weight; it is slowing you down in your journey to the Light. 

Trials and tribulations are not meant to be packed into a box, preserved and treasured forever. Once they are gone, you must move on unshackled and free so that you can live with greater mental alacrity, vigour and strength. Discard the old as you move along with time; it keeps you buoyant, joyful and young. Throw your worries and cares to the wind and let it blow them away into nothingness.

Forgiveness – the Key to Inner Peace:

Forgiveness is an act of compassion wherein lies your true, inner peace. When you forgive you are releasing all the pain, and making peace with yourself first before making truce with your enemies. 

This energy of forgiveness has the power to heal your wounds and uplift you from the doldrums of your bad memories. 

Forgiving automatically places you in the grace of mercy where every person, who caused you pain, is forgiven by default. Sever the unhealthy bonds with your enemies and reclaim your power. Employ the energy of Forgiveness against your oppressors; it is a weapon far more effective in restoring peace as against anger and malice which further aggravate the situation.  

The energy of Peace settles all discordance around you. It is cooling like the fresh, pure waters of a running stream, quenching the thirst of the dry, parched hearts that are burning with the fires of discordant passions. Peace is like the touch of a mother’s hand that has the power to pacify all inner aggression. Nothing can possible go wrong when you have chosen to work and live with the power of Peace. 

Devote your time to prayers and meditation

There is no better way than by spending a few quiet moments in prayer to ease the ruffled heart. Involve yourself deeply in your devotion to the Source of life; absolutely nothing should come between you and the Source of all things. When you are in Source’s Presence in quiet contemplation, you are home. Your brief tryst with the alignment does wonders for your soul. You feel recharged, revitalised and at complete peace with yourself. Prayers and meditation ought to be an integral part of one’s daily life for perpetual peace and well-being.