Let’s explore the question: What  Are The Characteristics Of A Spiritual Person?

First, know that true Spirituality is an inside job.

Let me start this article with a question that I get asked all of the time. What is a spiritual person or how to recognize a spiritual person?

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Spirituality is an essential part of all mankind and creation. Each person is a spirit and spiritually connected to varying degrees.

A spiritually-disconnected or ignorant person is not necessarily evil, wicked or unpleasant. In fact, a person might be ignorant of the immutable Cosmic Laws, the presence of the pineal gland or oneness consciousness but at the same time possess a heart of gold.

Because of they’re heart orientation, a person like this could be placed higher on the spiritual-ladder or possess a higher level of consciousness than another.

Knowledge is different to the application of it – which is described as wisdom. Despite a person having a deep knowledge of spiritism, they may choose to live by the dictates of their lower passions and desires. In short, everyone on the planet is negotiating their footing on the rungs of the spiritual ladder.

That’s the challenge of spiritual development.

Nature is spirituality personified.

Seeing beyond the illusion:

Outward appearances can be very deceptive. As we know by now spirituality is very much an inside job, therefore it is hard to gauge a person’s spiritual level from their outward appearance alone.

Many ancient scriptures characterize the intelligence of the darkest energy as the Devil. They describe it as being adept in impersonating divinity to seduce the gullible folk into its trap. In short, it’s not necessarily correct that a person who is sweet and suave is always spiritually refined.

Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

Usually when a person boasts they are spiritual, invariably it’s their ego speaking. A spiritually mature person prefers to maintain a low profile wherever they go. Their sense of inner completeness provides them with stability and absolutely nothing to prove. They’re true to themselves, moving from a depth of authenticity and uncompromising integrity. They are always ready to be of good service to the less fortunate.

How can I be a spiritual person? You may ask.

Finding your Centre for spiritual living

To be spiritual means to live love and compassion, to be love and compassion and to talk love and compassion. Simple!

Spirituality is about practicing moderation in everything that you do, refusing to be led by your lower passions and emotions.

Whatever you do, should be for the highest good for all. Your vibrational frequency indicates your level of spirituality. Start to become aware of the vibrational frequency you’re emitting most of the time. You do this by becoming aware of your habitual moods, temperaments, attitudes, responses, emotional levels, thoughts. Monitoring these will help you to understand how you’re showing up in life.

If you want to increase your level of consciousness or spirituality, the more you live in conformity to the Laws of the Universe, the more you induce that spiritual Light within you.

Spirituality: spiritual examples

Spirituality is expressed as having a child-like innocence and taking delight in the simple joys of life. Retaining the wonder about life comes from valuing the smallest things in life. It is about having a deep affinity with nature and all that nature expresses. Depending on a person’s belief system or level of sensitivity and awareness, they can also believe in angels, nature elementals like fairies-folk and in magic. Materialistic things and gross desires hold no interest for those who have tasted the sweetness and purity of divinity.

Spiritual, vibration exploration?

Vibrational exploration is something that every person who is becoming spiritually aware goes through. Everything is a form of vibration and we’ll find that we become more sensitive to particular vibrational forms. Some individuals will even begin to notice specific numbers like 1111, 333, and 444 regularly. You can become aware of these numbers on a car registration plate, a t-shirt or a clock. Some report to repeatedly notice numerical sequences many times a day. These can be signs of your spiritual development.

what is spirit mean of 111,1111, 222, 333, 444, 666

How does it differ from the emotional, psychological and supernatural superstition?.

Spirituality is not about placing faith in the things outside of you. Whether they’re symbols, amulets, charms, numbers, and various other objects of superstitious beliefs. These are the materialistic distractions made to appear mystical to divert the gullible mind from focussing on the living Light within your heart.

They cannot make you spiritual; they are the objects of obsessions that generate the evils of superstition and fanaticism in the name of spirituality. Spirituality lies in every thought, word, and action. Spirituality is inwardly discovered and then expressed through your mindset, emotions, and choices.

Superstitions keep the mind engaged in the darkness of fears. And, where there is fear there cannot be Love, which is the true essence of spirituality.

Spirituality is less about materialism and more about the nurturance of your soul

It’s about preserving your inner Light on which your spirit subsides. Your focus must ever be within to safeguard your inner peace by living from a higher perspective.

The only religion that your soul recognizes is the religion of Unconditional Love.

Love is the highest form of religion and is the basis of all religions. Unconditional Love is the energy that runs seamlessly through every being, sentient creature and life-stream in all of Cosmos and connects the entire creation and worlds upon worlds into Oneness. In the face of unconditional love all other practices, which gravitate around physicality and materialism, and which are linked with false beliefs and superstitions, are superfluous and compulsive.

What does spiritual mean in the Bible?

In short, religion is a stepping-stone to spirituality. It gives one the direction and the ability to believe in the unseen reality. Faith is the big word in the Bible that unfolds the core of spirituality.

To have faith is to be increasingly aware of you as a spiritual essence, housed within a human body and to possess spiritual gifts. Faith the size of a mustard seed can influence your reality as it rearranges the very building blocks of our reality. The kingdom of heaven describes the dominion or realm of reality that universal law reigns. Spirituality is recognizing this realm and aligning with the laws.

All religions share the same fundamental principles, they are all subject to the great Laws of the Universe. All religions are like little streams that flow and empty their waters in one mighty Ocean of infinite Light. The waters of all other streams merge and become one with this Ocean of Universal Consciousness also.

Varying degrees of spirituality are found in all religious individuals, but it’s not necessary for any mature spiritual person to possess any religion doctrine at all. In fact, many do state that they are spiritual but not religious.

The basic understanding of spiritual terminologies and symbols helps enhance the power of your practice and makes it meaningful.


The word “Theology” comes from a Greek word Theo, which means God. Theology is a study of religion, comprehensive of the study of rites and rituals, gods and goddesses, the history of various religions and their religious concepts.

Spirituality Symbols

Symbols are known to possess high energy and are often used in meditation or as amulets for power and luck. Some of these are:

  • Star of David: This symbol has overlapping triangles where the apex of one triangle is facing upwards and the other facing down. This represents the connection between God and man. The center represents the hub of divine power. The triangles represent chalices where one of them is receiving the Universal energies of love and peace, while the other is pouring the divine energies down on Earth.
  • Yin Yang: This symbol represents the harmony between male and female, dark and light. Yin Yang symbolizes universal balance and provides a holistic approach to life.
  • The Lotus: A spiritual symbol related to Buddhism. It represents emerging from the darkness and into the light of enlightenment. It symbolizes forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion.
  • Earth Medicine Wheel: This is a Native American symbol representing peace and harmony between man and nature. It is generally used for manifesting spiritual-energy and developing an inner vision. Meditating on this symbol increases your personal power and deepens your love for Nature.
  • OM: OM is the symbol representing the Universal sound. It brings about spiritual-enlightenment and heightens your consciousness to merge into the sea of Universal Consciousness whereby you lose your I-ness and identify yourself in oneness with all cosmic creation.
  • Dharma Wheel: This symbolizes the Buddha’s eightfold path to enlightenment. These are a right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. Meditating on this symbol strengthens your devotion to God.

Spirituality meanings in different languages

  • In Buddhism spirituality means Nirvana.
  • The Hindus call it Dharma.
  • In Chinese it is Taoism.

Spirituality quotes

These are the reflections of wisdom and Truth motivating you to lead a righteous life. The purpose of spiritual quotes is to instill empowering thoughts in you in a fun and easy way. Its simplicity makes reading light and interesting so that the reader grasps the idea without having to struggle with lengthy, intricate explanations. Quotes are figurative, short, concise and reader-friendly.


Numerology is the language of numbers, letter and the personalities of each number. Every letter in the alphabet is attributed to a particular number. This is then used to calculate your birth name and date of birth to discover your personality and your personal number with which you harmonize.

Similarities between religion and spirituality

Religion is a pathway to spirituality. While religion leads you towards the right Path, spirituality is about walking the right path. The similarity between religion and spirituality is that both these aim to raise your vibrations and re-establish your connection with your God-self.

Spirituality; religion, art, love, soul, meditation, faith, quantum physics

  • Spirituality – Path to Buddhic Consciousness.
  • Religion – a milestone leading to spirituality
  • Art – an expression of beauty and perfection that stimulates your soul and refines your mind.
  • Soul – the real you, eternal and indefatigable, living in your physical body to fulfill your divine purpose on Earth.
  • Meditation – being in quiet communion with the Almighty.
  • Faith – the inner strength that is quiet yet powerful, keeping you anchored in the Light of peace in the face of your ordeals.
  • Quantum Physics – the science of atoms and sub-atomic particles, photons and electrons of the etheric field, which defies all worldly science. Holistic healing is largely based on quantum physics.
  • Love – heightened consciousness, bringing you in oneness with all life-streams.

what does spiritual mean to you?

I hope you’re understanding has been expanded and you’ve managed to crystalize your perspective. The next time someone asks you ‘what does spiritual mean to you?’, ensure your answer truly resonates with you.

Stay posted as we have many other topics coming your way like, what is theology?, spiritual meaning of dreams, 666, Belief, God, Numerology, spiritual symbols, similarities between religion & spirituality, what does spirit mean? love spirituality and art spirituality to name a few.

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