Food licious

Food Licious | ™Ultimate Life Magazine’s healthy food category. If you’re someone with a sweet tooth?, unhealthy eating habits? or a desire to improve and sustain healthy eating, well this online food magazine is for you. This category is full of delicious wellness recipes, healthy food information and advise, enjoy!.

Food licious

Corn cakes

Corn cakes Corn cakes   “A boiled bowl of corn is the first choice when it comes to healthy food. But I have something more exciting for you. It...

Food licious

Soothing salsa

Soothing salsa Soothing salsa “Tomato puree is highly nourished with vitamin C which is excellent for skin as well as eyes. Here, I present to you an...

Food licious

Carrot Lentil orange soup

Carrot Lentil orange soup Carrot Lentil orange soup “Soups are considered to be the best appetizers. They not only soothe the inner walls of the...



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