How to Build Self Confidence

After reading many books like ‘the art of not giving an sh*t’ by Mark Manson, looking through Wikihow and even watching a cartoon or two. I discovered that transforming poor attitudes into positive ones, was more about transforming our self confidence.

Self-confidence fuels much of our decisions thought processes, beliefs, moods and yes our attitudes.

Experience tells me that most of us would probably fail a self confidence test if we had to take one.

Much of our programming takes place in the early years of childhood when the mind is simple and impressionable. Constant criticism, judgmental remarks and other self-demeaning statements from parents, teachers, and guardians. They have a derogatory effect upon the mind, and this is recorded as thought-patterns in the sub-conscious mind unknown to your conscious awareness. Every small mistake was magnified; you were subject to constant humiliation until you inwardly accepted that you are not good enough for anything.  

These recordings remain embedded in the subconscious and continue to surface from time to time. Throughout your life, they sabotage your chances of success and achievement.  Your efforts and desires to succeed are overshadowed by the replay of the negative programming which reminds you that you are not good enough and that success is not for you, thus stripping you of every bit of self-confidence. With that, your hopes of triumph and glory are dashed to the ground.

Build self Confidence Challenge

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You are not compelled to live as per the opinions formed by other people. It is time now to delete this destructive recording and take charge of your life.

Here are some self-confidence tips, strategies, and techniques helping you to rebuild your lost self-confidence:


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Confidence building exercises

The use of positive statements can successfully overwrite the old, destructive programming and create positive thought-patterns in your sub-conscious. A simple affirmation to re-establish your self-confidence would be like: My self-confidence is increasing day by day. I attract only the good and positive things in my being and world. 

Just repeating both or either of these sentences can help bring about a healthful transformation in you.

How to Build self-confidence in yourself

Tip: Connecting with your inner child

Connect with your inner child that is neglected and abused relentlessly. Talk to your inner self with love and compassion; tell this inner child that he/she is very precious and loved. Convince him that he is intelligent enough to attain great heights of success. Your love and appreciation will nurture the child in you, and reinforce his faith to once again live with inner-power and confidence.  

Are you ready for more confidence-building exercises?.

Avoid gossip-mongers

Keep your distance from the empty minds that are indolent and spend their lives away gossiping about everyone. Such people have malevolent intent, and therefore it is spiritually suicidal to keep the company of those who cannot see the good in others.

You would do well to keep the company of those who are spiritually-awakened, who appreciate the beauty and inspire you with true moral values. Those who encourage you when you fall, and always endeavor to bring out the best in you.  

Building self confidence activities through goals.  

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Having Goals and stepping towards them.

Having goals in life will keep your mind constructively occupied and enthused. It gives you something to look forward to in life. Moreover, each time you accomplish through your goals through activities, your confidence increases. This gives you the impetus to aim for bigger and grander achievements in life. 

Be of servitude to the less fortunate

When you put yourself in service of others, your personal problems diminish considerably in the face of those of your brethren who are living in deplorable conditions. You begin to feel strong and responsible when you engage your mind to help the needy. 

It is indeed rewarding to behold the light of happiness and gratitude in the faces of those whom you help and comfort. Selfless service fills you with a sense of self-worthiness. Allow God to work through you, and be the Light of Hope in the dark, dismal lives of your indigent brethren.

Refuse to give energy to negativity

When you start to become aware of your worth, you will find it hard to hang around people that don’t

Stop internalizing people’s vicious remarks and criticism which stem out of jealousy, anger, and hatred. In short, remain humble and passive. Your retaliation spurs the negative energies to wreak further havoc in your life. Quell the fires of anger and revenge with the power of silence. Therein lies your spiritual strength.

Tip: Build self-confidence quotes

A good tip would be to create a library of powerful, inspiring quotes that instill a positive view of yourself.


Self-discipline molds your personality and smoothens out the rough edges. Impressive personality automatically demands people’s respect, which in turn boosts your low self-confidence and self-respect. 

Self-discipline gives you leverage over the unsolicited demands of your carnal mind, thus setting you free from the trammels of materialism, which bear you down. 

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