DIY Wellness Center: 5 Body Spa Treatments for Home

Looking for a Spa Services on a Budget? A spa that come to your home? Mobile spa? Use my Top Tips on How to Bring the Spa Services to your Bathroom!

spa at home
mobile spa
Spa services that come to your home

1. Light a Candle

Everyone should take time out of their busy lives to relax and unwind. You may have kids, be a business owner, student or full-time worker who requires some ‘me’ time, but time and money shouldn’t get in the way of luxurious relaxation. Who doesn’t love a blissful spa retreat? I sure do! But sometimes it’s not that easy to book a spa package, pack a  bag and bye-bye! So why not bring the spa to your home? And I don’t mean to purchase an outdoor Jacuzzi and build an indoor sauna (if you can – I say go for it!), however, I mean, turn your bathroom into a spa for 2hrs of ultimate bliss! I explain how this can be done in 5 simple steps.

Epsom salt
foot spa, candles

Candles come before the Epsom salts, facemask, or any other beauty treatment. Set your spa foundation and light your favorite scented candle to create a relaxing ambiance – this will set the mood and create a spa-like feel. (Take care when lighting candles and ensure it’s in a safe place.)

Don’t underestimate what the right ambiance can do. It changes your brain wave frequency and dials you down to the right vibration do your body can receive healing. Every great spa experience skillfully sets the atmospheric surroundings of tranquility.

2. Run a Warm Bath – Bathroom Spa

Herbal beauty bath
Relaxing herbal bath with beautiful flower petals and leaves.

Soak in a warm bath filled with your favorite bath bomb, essential oils, bubble bath or bath salts. (Bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.)

Collect an arrangement of your favorite herbs and flowers to bring that aroma and natural beauty to the bathroom. There’s nothing like surrounding your body in nature, especially in water.

3. Apply a Facemask – Face spa at home

young woman peeling off a face mask
Face Mask

Refresh, revitalize and renew.

Whether it’s homemade or a nice brand, apply your favorite face mask. I love the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, which can be used as a cleanser and face mask. When creating my home day spa – I use this balm as a mask leaving it on my face for 20 minutes. (This mask contains luxurious Rose and Mimosa waxes that are infused with nourishing Elderberry, Starflower Optimega™ oils and supercharged with anti-aging algae, Padina Pavonica. The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm can be removed with a warm damp cloth, and your skin is left glowing, smooth and nourished (it smells incredible too).

4. Mindfulness Meditation Spa Services

Beautiful young woman taking bath with milk
Meditate in the Bath

Who says you can’t meditate in the bath?. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to relax the mind. It involves being still in silence and paying attention to thoughts, the sensations of breathing/ your body, sounds and bringing your attention back whenever the mind starts to wander.

5. Massage Tool – Body Spa at Home

Massaging tools are great for easing knots and tension we carry in the back/ body. I use a tennis ball as my massage tool (a recommended tip from my yoga practitioner) – I gently rest my back against the ball and move in circular motions to work the knots. Apply pressure that is comfortable for you and spend a few minutes working the top, middle and lower back area.

homemade spa
spa at home

Make sure this becomes apart of your lifestyle. Balancing life with a spa session at home cannot be beaten. Incorporate a natural hair spa and foot spa and you’ll be unrecognizable.

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