The Signs You’re Spiritually Awakened

We all carry various assumptions and expectations associated with what we conceptualize about the spiritually awakened among us. It’s one reason I chose the main picture of the Monk & his cigarette in his mouth. In many of our minds, there is a conflict happening between our expectations. So, let’s further explore this subject of waking up spiritually.

There are many signs that can indicate how spiritually awakened you are. There’s no doubt that when you start to awaken there will be changes in your life which are going to be profound and usually very noticeable.

However, some people go through the spiritual awakening process without hardly recognizing the signs that others around you notice. But there are definitely signs that an awakening process is happening to you and if you pay attention, you’re surely going to notice a lot of these signs yourself. It is said that you are a light (or spirit) having a human experience. You’ve just forgotten, that’s all. When you were reincarnated back to Earth you were meant to live your life based on a certain idea, an idea that was assigned to you while you were still in your light energy form.

how do you know you are spiritually awakened

Unfortunately, part of the process of reincarnating as a human again is forgetting that information. Since we are all assigned spiritual guides/guardian angels, there is hope that we will be led properly to the path that we have forgotten about, before we die again(our human bodies expire). The problem for most people is that we have forgotten who we really are and gotten head deep in this human existence. When we go through an awakening process we remember who we are, what path we agreed to walk, as humans, and what our mission on planet Earth is. So one of the signs that you have awakened could be the fact that you remember details of your past life or that you remember that you agreed to a mission as a human being, a certain way to live. In fact, a lot of people report details of their past life when their awakening process starts, or once they become awakened.  


For many people, another sign of going through an awakening or that they’ve become awakened is, they change their career path. Once a person becomes awakened they usually experience a feeling that they have something to do rather than simply existing. They feel “something inside” that drives them to assist others, it may be healing or in the awakening of others, their focus becomes more outward and cause-driven. So their career path may no longer align with their new awakened self.


If you are noticing that you have a deeper level of wisdom and knowledge, that is unexplained, and certain other awakened people also notice this about you, this could be another sign that you have awakened or are awakening some. 

Others will notice your deep wisdom an attribute that to being more awake than most people, usually. Some spiritual awakening signs and spiritual awakening symptoms may include:

  • depression
  • feelings of being lost
  • wanting a new career
  • wanting a new relationship
  • wanting to be alone instead of connected in a relationship
  • wanting to travel the world
  • wanting to read more
  • wanting to eat better- healthier and taking on a whole new diets. 

More Common signs of spiritual awakening can be:

  • taking on whole new lifestyles that you usually wouldn’t consider, such as Buddhism and other far eastern philosophies/lifestyles 
  • wanting to eat more organic and non genetically modified foods (GMOs)
  • use biodegradable products or Earth friendly products
  • development of more compassion towards animals and people that are suffering
  • becoming more interested in Veganism or Vegetarianism or the Paleo diets
  • wanting to write more, usually about personal experiences talking about awakening
  • becoming more artistic
  • wanting a closer relationship with nature

In fact, it is not uncommon for people, who are awakening to decide to venture out into the wilderness areas and starting hiking long distance trails, over extended times. Part of this act can be attributed to going on a religious or spiritual homage to a sacred place. Once you awaken there is no going back. You will begin to see things differently, hear and notice things you didn’t before and you will be more aware of everything around you to include lies. It is no conspiracy theory that the governments of the world are not very trustworthy or truthful. Hidden agendas are always part of the mix and those of us that are awake understand this. Because another thing begins to happen when you awaken and that is, you start to notice what seems like a worldwide agenda to suppress the spiritual side of all people.

Signs that you are awakening will not only be noticed by you. But your friends and family will notice too. However, usually they will simply say something like, “you sure have changed” or comment that you have grown up some, oblivious to the fact that you have went through a life altering evolution in your mind and soul that you can never change back from. It is a rare thing to meet someone who is fully awakened, or even mostly awakened. So your friends and family will begin to make comments like the ones above. This is another sign you can be sure points to some awakening in you. Some people have developed skills that were previously not part of their personality, such as natural healing or manifesting things they want and need.

There comes with the awakening an affinity to your spirit guide. Most people start asking questions as to who their guide is and wanting to become closer to their guide. They will start to seek out how to learn who their guide is and how they can get into contact with their guide. No doubt, when we start to awaken, research becomes a major role in our everyday lives. We simply want to know more, we begin asking questions as to why at everything. Gone will be the days where we simply listened to whatever the television told us without having a feeling that we need to dig deeper. Gone are the days when we agree to be slaves to society, working our lives to death for the benefit of someone who we may not even know, usually referred to as, “the man”. Because now, you are awake and there is no turning back.

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