7 ways you can reduce your feelings of irritability 

Everyone experiences feelings of moodiness and irritability. These are certainly unpleasant emotions which can destroy the mood of other people in our environment. These emotions are what is known as “emotional pollutants.” Have you ever worked a job where one person in your office or work environment was grouchy and irritable? Didn’t that influence your mood too? That is because they emit negative vibes which drag down the emotional state of everyone else around them. 


Irritability is often described as feeling cranky, touchy, or edgy. Someone with these feelings are less tolerant to stressful situations or even the smallest frustrating circumstances. While normal people can just look past them, irritable people will complain or snap at everyone else if they’re frustrated just a little bit. One bad circumstance is when you have an irritable boss or parent whom you have no control over. You’re basically at their mercy while they’re in this horrid state of mind. In these cases, you just need to stay away from these irritable people as much as possible until they cool off.

An irritable person feels even worse because their stress hormones are so out of control. This causes them to react to the smallest irritation, such as an unexpected noise or movement which annoys or scares them. They might see it as a threat to them in some way. 

Have you ever questioned yourself why am i so irritable or why am i always angry and irritated ? No one wants to feel irritable. They would love to feel better and have those negative emotions disappear quickly. However, the only real way to reduce irritability is to change some of your lifestyle and thought habits.

How to stop being irritable ?

Below are 7 ways you can reduce your feelings of irritability.

1) Discover the source of the problem

What is causing you to feel irritable? Figure out the source of your problem and then try to deal with it in any way possible. Even though your feelings may seem overwhelming, there is always one central reason for them all. Try and find your irritability causes. Usually, the reasons are simpler to fix than you might initially think.

2) Cut down on your consumption of alcohol and caffeine

Do you drink a lot of caffeinated products like coffee? If so, then you’ll probably notice that you’re a lot jumpier and more irritable after you drink it. The same goes for alcohol as well. That is why you need to cut down or totally eliminate your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. 

3) Focus on the smaller things

Sometimes the reasons for feeling irritated are smaller than we realize. Maybe someone cut you off in traffic and that irritated you. So, you go around the entire rest of the day feeling grouchy or moody because of that incident. But was it really a big deal? Why let it affect your whole day? These are the kinds of small issues that you need to address so that you can avoid unnecessary irritability.

4) Build your compassion

Feeling irritable and intolerant of others ?

Have compassion. Find your internal compassion. If you can do this, it will do a lot to reduce your emotional chaotic state. The first step to recovery is acknowledging to yourself that you’re irritable and that you want to change how you feel. Now, imagine someone you love giving you a big hug. Do you feel better? Think about how it must have felt for other people to endure your irritability. Was that fair to them? If you can come to the realization that it was not fair to them and that it must change, then you’ll have a better chance of changing it.

5) Develop Insight

Most people get irritated over problems that are minor or medium on the severity scale. These are problems that they’ll probably forget about after a couple of days. But in the moment, they let these problems destroy their mood. When you’re in this kind of situation, just stop and think about the bigger picture. Think about the good things you have in your life, such as a good job, health, and/or relationship. Once you realize you have a lot of good in your life, those smaller annoyances won’t seem like a big deal anymore.

6) Eliminate nervous or negative energy

Irritation causes us to experience a fight or flight response. Use this opportunity to do some exercise, such as running, walking, or swimming. If you don’t have the time or space for those activities, try doing pushups on the floor to release all that built up energy inside of you. Of course, being outside in the fresh air is always a positive thing too.

7) Find a peaceful place to be

Sometimes we just need our environment to be quiet and peaceful. This could mean going someplace to be alone while performing an activity that relaxes you, such as meditation, yoga, listening to music, or taking a bath. Afterward, try to resume your normal activities and see how much better you feel. 

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