Dramatically Improve Your Life In One Year With These 21 Micro-habits

The biggest impact on your life is the result of tiny, virtually imperceptible consistent routines or Micro-habits .

Let me introduce you to Micro-habits, they have the biggest impact on your life. That’s the power of habits.

Think of this in terms of compound interest a subject Ghramae Johnson speaks continuously about. He says it’s all about the small, constant, consistent actions that eventually produces the exponential growth spikes in our life.

Benjamin Hardy states that the vast majority of people if they had a choice, would opt for $1,000,000 today instead of doubling a penny every day for a month. 

Most people are not aware that when they chose the big payout, they actually get much less money in the end compared to if they chose the penny doubling option. Hardy stated that at the end of the month the penny doubling option would earn $10.7 million. Most people are impatient and take the big initial payout not realizing that the massive growth of the penny doubling option takes place at the very end. Most people don’t invest today because of our life in the moment. 

What’s the moral of this story? To dramatically improve your life over the next year or two, you have to start today and take small regular steps.

Here’s 21 powerful micro-habits that’ll start changing the course of your life.

1. Reframe Rejection. 

Micro-habits - Reframe Rejection

Are there projects you’d love to get involved with?. Are there dreams you’d love to realize?. Are there people you would love to work with? Reach out to one or two every single day, even if you it’s far fetch to think they’d reply. 

It may even be a perfect client you always wanted, a potential employer, a book agent or a group where you would love to give a speech. You probably won’t get a response right away, but if you persist, you maybe surprised of what your persistence attracts back to you. 

Tell me, what do you have to lose? Well, this is where the issue is, we think we’re loosing something. A closer look and we’ll see it’s the way we view our identity (the idea we hold about ourselves) change when we’re rejected. 

Learning to view rejection differently and disconnecting it from our Identity allows us to retain our perspective about ourselves when rejection comes and goes.

We the are in a position that we have Absolutely nothing! To loose and EVERYTHING to Gain. 

2. “How can I change my life today?” Should be the first question you ask every morning.

young adult man waking up in the morning

Merely attempting to “Get through” the day should never be your mindset. Instead, it should be that there is endless potential, infinite possibilities wrapped in a number of hours and moments. Which amount to more than enough opportunities to totally change your life. Your willingness to become flexible, see things in a different light and take the required action are the only things holding you back.

So be the change you want to see in your life.

3. Respond faster. 

Focused man manager working on laptop computer

I can really see the difference in my life when applying this hack. 

If you get a text, respond to it immediately. When you’ve got the time, getting back to important emails, texts or messages as you see them, will have an impact on your life’s wellness levels. Because by taking these adopting this efficient and effective habits, we avoid creating backlogs of work that’ll only put heavy demands on us at a later date.

A quick response today, keeps heavy backlogs away

4. Maintenance is required.

Young couple at home doing hosehold chores and ironing

Aspirational gurus would have you think that in order to live your best life you have to be excited all day every day. Actually, it is closer to doing  mundane activities such as cleaning, cooking healthy meals, chores, paying bills on time, setting time aside for exercising and being disciplined on work assignments.

5. Start with one single Sentence.

Analyse Solution Objective Strategy Business Plan Concept

Have you thought about starting a journal?, publishing a book? Is there a business plan you’ve put on the back burner? How about writing a blog to share your unique knowledge or interests? 

Begin small by simply writing a sentence daily. You will gain momentum and the writing will come naturally and increase every time you write. The most important part is to start, and start small. Just begin by committing to writing a single sentence, then increase it to a single paragraph and progress as you naturally gain momentum. 

One step will lead to another as long as you start small and gradually pick up the speed.

If you can, include the required maintenance in your everyday activities and your quality of life will improve dramatically. You will eventually discover that these activities help you to have great times instead of holding you back. 

6. Establish ways for people to get in touch with you for what you offer.

Make sure your information is up to date for those who want to get in contact with you. Today’s résumés are your websites and social media networks; therefore they should be updated regularly so that people understand exactly what you are offering and how they can contact you.

7. Choose delayed gratification instead of instant gratification. 

What are your future needs and wants? You have to compare this to where you are now and make the necessary changes to improve your life. Get on the right path by making how you feel now and what you want priority. Focus on making choices today that will benefit you in the future. The concept of “being present” is putting distractions aside, however, enlightenment does not come from your basest instincts or desires, it is self-destruction. 

8. Cultivate your power base.

You are a reflection of the people who you spend most of your time with and it will greatly influence who you ultimately become. 

Furthermore, what you intake and surround yourself with will also have an even greater effect on you. Do you follow certain people online? How do they make you feel about yourself? Do you have a cluttered home or office?  Your surroundings are always having a quiet and usually subconscious impact on your life. 

9. Don’t be reactive.

Did you see or hear something that irks you right away? It could be a negative thought that just pops into your mind. Always question it before responding and expending energy on the issue. What is the root of the issue? Who would benefit from your reaction? Dramatically change your perspective by taking a micro-pause between your response and the stimulus.

10. Make sure your base needs are met.

Portrait beautiful young asian woman smile happy walk on the tro

You are not a robot; however, to keep your body and life running, you have to fuel it in some way. If you are hungry, eat. When you are tired, sleep. When you ignore the most basic functions to keep your body running smoothly, your importance and busy lifestyle don’t come into play. You are simply ignoring the important signs and will eventually burn your body out. 

11. Take action.

Cropped image of a runner woman feet in action

In her book The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins states that people usually hold themselves back with those couple of seconds between having a great idea and noise from your brain. She went on to say you have to take action on your ideas, before your brain interferes, in order to move your life forward. 

12. Take action even when you don’t feel like it.

Even so, it is important to know that even though you might not feel like taking action, you still have to power to take that action. Feelings do not diminish your abilities.

13. Do more reading.

Young woman reading her notes

It is ok if you have difficulties finishing a book. However, this shouldn’t diminish your learning, development and growth. Follow those you find interesting on social media. In the morning, read what’s happening in the news. Audiobooks are great for listening to on your commutes. Your self-growth is directly linked to the number of books you read and this is also directly linked to your external success.

14. Do less scrolling.

Micro-habits of scrolling

We have all killed time mindlessly changing TV channels, but today it is scrolling through the news of the day. Force yourself to minimize your daily “scroll” time. There are browser installations that allow you to limit your time on certain websites per day before blocking access. Certain apps count the number of times you access social media apps a day. There isn’t a need to get rid of them altogether, just be aware of the amount of time you are wasting not doing anything.

15. Take note of your habits – Daily habits to improve life.

Rather than criticizing yourself when you are aware of procrastination or doing unproductive activities, be aware of what brings it on. Become aware of your activities when you are most frustrated, most relaxed, or most motivated. See yourself from afar, like something you are observing and studying. What prompts a reaction from you? How does it happen? These will help you put your life back on track.

16. Don’t be afraid to say “no.”

You only have so much energy to expend daily. Direct that energy to what is truly important to you. Say “no” to certain things and don’t worry about it. This is a form of self-preservation. 

17. Divert your attention as needed.

When you are having negative thoughts, the answer isn’t to replay it, again and again, hoping you come to a different solution. Doing something more productive is a great way to distract yourself. Divert your attention to more productive activity, since negative thoughts will result in an endless non-productive spiral.

18. Share your thoughts consistently and succinctly.

You have a brilliant idea, but it is useless unless you can articulate it or implement a plan to bring it to life. 

19. Make use of your skills.

Men Looking at the Painted Wall

Put your skills to use. So many of us overlook the skills that lay dormant. We often miss the opportunities that well within our reach.

Maybe you’re an artist or creative, well why not transform your home into an exhibition showcasing your skill. Next time you have an urge to order dinner, see how creative you can get with the ingredients you have. Have a burning desire to buy new clothes for the weekend? Put your fashion skills to the test and create a new outfit with your existing wardrobe – see how unique, original, stylish or classy you can look.

20. Drink an extra cup of water.

Don’t force yourself to drink the 8 recommended cups of water daily. Instead, focus on drinking an extra one. Once it is a habit, drink another. 

21. Minimize unhealthy snacks.

Don’t try to totally change your eating habits and eat perfectly, all in a single day. Give up one unhealthy eating habit a day. Start out with one and then add more as you go.

Bonus. Mangage your Financial Resources.

Working on computer

Create the habit of reviewing all of your bank accounts at regularly. It might sound a little overkill, especially if there’s little activity going on there; however, you need to be aware of what you have in your accounts and exactly where your money is going, to the penny. Once you have control of your finances, you will get a better picture of where your money is and what it is doing. 

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