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School Stresses Me Out! says ... Parents & Children - Back to School

For parents and children, the back to school period tends to be a joyous occasion. Rising early in the morning, preparing lunch boxes, and School Stresses Me Outdoing more reps in school are some of the exciting events that proceed a long summer break. Some children and parents relish the opportunity of learning new things and becomes a fresh start to their year. However, there are many parents and children who loathe the idea of going back to school, they scream 'School Stresses Me Out!'.

From the parent’s perspective, the high school years are where they can maximize their potential as a parent and make the most impact. School Stresses Me OutThey try to do the best for their children and get involved in every step of the way in understanding the potential and right pathways. For some parents, this is an opportunity to be proactive and become the best parents they can be. However, such a mentality can bring a lot of stress especially when it is after a long summer break of relaxation. One would imagine that for parents it would not be a difficult prospect for their children to go back to school as they are not directly involved with the rigors and stress of student life. However, the reality is that they have a huge responsibility and role during their child's high school years, which involve several tasks that can prove to be extremely stressful

For children, the experience is perhaps more personal than anyone. They are the ones in the driving seat and have to go through school for a whole year. Some children can’t wait for their schools to reopen and get back to the same routine. These types of children value order and structure in their lives and tend to conform to the wishes of their seniors. However, a large proportion of children hate the idea of going back to school. The compare school to prison, which traps them for the significant part of the day for the whole year. To them, many of the aspects of school represent a prison. For example, the school bell, the assembly lines, the instructors, the playground, the monotonous tasks, the fixed curriculum. It all seems like a rehabilitation facility, and children have to conform to everything that is asked from them. School Stresses Me OutChildren who value creativity and being free-spirited tend to hate the idea of school, and for them, the occasion can lead to a lot of stress, anxiety and may culminate into the long-term depression. This is because your schooling years can total up to 14 years which is an exceptionally long period and can foster a long-term mental health problem. Hence for parents and children, they need to find ways in order this problem for the long haul.

Some of the ways include:

Putting things in perspective

Perhaps the best thing that parents can do for their children and do for themselves is that they can educate their children in the right way. For most parents, this means that they need to force their children into studying for hours and hours until they've essentially absorbed everything required. Such acts are like waging war against the natural and sometimes obvious talents that your children possess. Children don’t need to be robots, telling their parents and teachers whatever they want to hear. Children need to foster their creativity and be involved in a variety of activities so that they blossom into the happy, talented, passion driven people they can be. Getting up at 6 am in the morning, and going to a place for study is not the enemy, but the way through which children are educated is the bone of contention. Hence, parents need to encourage their children to understand concepts rather than memorizing them. They should understand techniques and the tricks of the trade when it comes to the extra-curricular activities.

Avoiding Comparisons

Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” Bill Gates

School Stresses Me OutIt’s a common occurrence for children to complain about how their parents pressure them into topping the class, being a valedictorian, class prefect, or simply outscoring the other students. When you try to compare your children with someone else’s you immediately downgrade their individuality and potential. Every human being is unique and has their strengths and weaknesses. When you start comparing, you create a tension that children don’t have any answers for. Children can never have any answers for something that is entirely baseless and such types of anxiety is crippling for their minds.

Being positive

School Stresses Me OutOne thing is for certain, for parents and children, there are going to several setbacks they might face during the year. You might have issues with your car; children might fail tests or exams, you might have difficulties in managing time or disciplinary issues with your children and what not. Regardless of the setbacks, it is pivotal for you to be positive throughout the year and in every circumstance, otherwise, the negativity will channel itself to others and make them more regressive in their thought process.


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