How To Build Successful Habits that Lead to Your Dreams

How To Build Successful Habits

How To Build Successful Habits that Lead to Your Dreams


In this article I intend to share a simple but vitally important element that will answer the question How To Build Successful Habits?. It's a question that's been posed for millennia and is still managing to go unanswered.

How To Build Successful HabitsLet me first point out where it all starts.

Everything starts with the power of 'one!' - one choice, one thought, one word and one step at a time, as Lao Tzu poetically states.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

However, let's get real, I know how gratifying it is to wait for that one big dream, that big break, that one large achievement that will take you from broke to rich or from ‘the same’ to ‘fame’. However, most big success starts by layering one small thought and idea at a time, even if it seems as though big ideas are made overnight.
For example, you may think that the computer was invented with a single big idea, from one person’s imagination. The truth is, however, the computer came together from 50 thousand smaller ideas and inventions, yes!, 50 thousand separate sources. I call it the brick by brick’ approach.

How To Build Successful Habits by Valuing the ONE

How To Build Successful HabitsThe process slowed down is always a string of individual thoughts and ideas, building momentum and synergy as they leverage on each other, stepping unto new and higher levels.



If we took an even closer look, we’d see a similar process as a builder builds the typical building. Basically, one small brick at a time. Layered on each other, each level providing a platform for …
1. more opportunity and
2. greater reach.

Over time, we eventually see an imposing building that stands mighty and tall. This metaphor reminds me of every achievement I’ve personally accomplished. And as I scan the most famous and the highest achievers amongst us, guess what? their achievement has also been build in this way.

How To Build Successful HabitsSo, the question then becomes,
1. what bricks to use? and
2. what type of building to build?.

How To Build Successful Habits Brick by Brick

Once you know you have to build one brick at a time, with consistency and patients. It’s THEN about carefully selecting the type of bricks and being clear on what type of building you want to build. The bricks represent your choices, ideas, thoughts, and actions, and the building represents your life goals and your lifestyle.

This may seem like a simple truth, it is!.
It may seem too simple, well only because your brain is looking for the complicated when there’s no need.
Our brains are conditioned to look for the logically complicated, and this sometimes runs against the universal laws, the way the universe actually flows and is constructed. In all reality, things are quite simple and straightforward.

Choosing what we truly desire and then building it in a ‘brick by brick’ manner is the way forward. Using tools like good planning, vision boards, gathering of resources and establishing a team of helpers, etc., is complimentary and wise. However, the basics remain - Small bricks build massively impressive buildings.

How To Build Successful Habits Like a Victor

Arguably onHow To Build Successful Habitse of the greatest movies of all time - Rocky. This movie told the story of an underdog amateur boxer who had nothing more than a dream to become the No.1 boxer in the world. Armed with just a simple desire which started from a single thought. He began a journey of building brick by brick.

Even in the ancient scriptures, we hear stories of great faith and courage. A single man leads a people to an impossible victory. Or what about a tiny man (David) fighting and conquering a legendary giant (Goliath). When we look at those stories closely, we see both of those victorious men, systematically building their faith over time, one step at a time. Gradually replacing their uncertainty and fear for exceptional courage and undiluted certainty. In short, they didn't start their journey as mighty couragous men.

How does this transformation happen? by one thought and action at a time, allowing the magic of the process to happen. And eventually, we witness their transformations via reading the accounts of their mighty victories. Although, without hearing the full stories from the beginning and paying attention to the finer details, we misinterpret the principle that lurks. The principle ‘brick by brick.’

Mahatma Gandhi's famous words nicely highlight this also. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”, meaning that the big change in the world starts and is brought about by 1 single change, 'YOU!'.

How To Build Successful HabitsWhat can you Takeaway from this How To Build Successful Habits Article?

  • Respect your humble beginnings. Use this starting point as a point of leverage, a platform to simply start the flow of thought, ideas, and action.
  • Value and Understand that one thought will generate another, spring from another and birth another. It will cultivate bigger desire, idea and eventually actions. Respect the process of building, accumulation, and momentum.
  • Continue to build steadily, consistently, regularly. Honor the process of layering brick by brick. Eventually, you’ll see an exponential growth spike upwards. Said another way, the shape of the building will eventually be seen, used and enjoyed.

The power of 'one' is seen throughout the evolution of nature, the universe, and human achievement. Recognize, respect and work with it to achieve your dreams.

I’ll leave you with the words of Bob Marley - One love!

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