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A Real Vegan Story about Mental and Biological Transformation

My name is Demetrius A. Lykes; I believe change is constant, I also believe it's a good way to discover ourselves and the best way to grow.
vegan storyOne of my most significant life changes was connected to my health. It's when I began to live a vegan lifestyle. It dramatically impacted my body and the way I felt as a person- it changed me forever!, this is my vegan story.


The Start

I was a pescatarian from September 2016 until July 19th, 2017, and then on October 6th, 2017 until now I’ve been a vegan, and my body feels great. After listening to my body, I felt I no longer needed any meat or diary in my system. I stopped eating meat because it gave me headaches and I began to feel drained of energy, so I decided to cut it out entirely. Although there was a time that I ate a fish taco, it made it hard for me to breathe and my friend Bao had to make sure that I was okay. After that, I told myself no more meat. Cheese was more difficult for me to cut out, after a while though, it gave me bad headaches, and again I felt my body was telling me, it’s time to move on.

What Triggered my Vegan Story?

The trigger for my change was my body, it began when I ate chicken, and I got a really bad headache. I was so tired that I could barely get out of bed the next day. That's when I told myself that I’m slowly going to work my way back into becoming a vegan again. I did it once in the summer of 2014 for a vegan challenge, and I lasted two months but the feeling was great. So I promised myself, slowly but surely I will be vegan. My full transformation into becoming a vegan was on October 6th of 2017. It was hard for the first 3 months or so mainly because getting of the cheese was a challenge. I went vegetarian on July the 19th 2017, after being a pescatarian for about 10 months.
There were a few reasons why I changed to vegetarianism.

1. I felt that it was time to make that change to go vegetarian and my body was ready for that change.
2. Another reason was that a former girlfriend of mine had a bad allergic fish reaction and had to be rushed to a hospital.

This was one of the reasons I stopped being a pescatarian. At the time of our dating, I wanted to protect her from fish being added to any of our meals. When I finally went full vegan, I was ready; it also helped that the person I was dating at that time was vegan. She helped me become aware of the many vegan options and alternatives. She made being a vegan a lot easier. You can’t be indecisive when it comes to making significant changes, especially when it comes to your health, you defeat yourself before you try.


I love being a vegan and I can also be proud of losing 35 pounds as a vegan. I started at 195 pounds, and I went down to 160 pounds, and I love how my body feels. vegan storyMy body feels like it has been reborn. I felt like a superhero at one point because after a while I ran faster, I became stronger, and my energy level has reached a level I’ve never experienced in my entire existence. In my opinion, If you want the ultimate healthy lifestyle then, of course, being vegan is number 1 but you have to take vitamins, mainly B12 vitamins. You will feel the change within your body, and it will also help your skin complexion as well. Being vegan benefits your health on the outside but much more importantly on the inside. You risk developing 3 types of cancer just by eating meat alone. A plant-based diet can reverse diabetes, and it can generally change your body for the better.

The big Response

I got so many mixed responses when I started my vegan story. When my friends and family found out, I went vegan. My mom wasn’t thrilled and kept asking me, “why,” or saying, “that’s not how you were raised.” My friends kept saying you need meat or they kept asking, “why would you go vegan?” Some asked me, “how do you feel and how did you make the change to vegan?” Some said, “I couldn’t give up meat at all.” Saying you can’t give up meat is the biggest mistake in moving forward if you want to go vegan. Some of my friends are slowly taking steps towards vegetarianism. I just love that they're more committed to their health and body. What’s interesting now is that people that I tell that I’m a vegan now reach out to me for advice on how to become vegan and how to live a healthier lifestyle.
I’m also a fitness model and being a vegan has helped shaped my body. Muscular but more toned out, it's given me a lean physique. My attitude and mindset changed too, I think clearer, and this is a result of meditation.

Start your Vegan Story

vegan storyBeing a vegan is a big commitment, a commitment to yourself, your health, and your body. It’s not easy but once you get the hang of it then you'll feel the benefits. It’s almost like marrying your body because you have to put the time, the research, and your energy into this transformation; and you have to stay committed. Your mental strength has to be on an all-time high, remaining positive, because once you’re negative then you will start to lose the battle.

Being a vegan isn’t just a diet, for me being a vegan is a healthy lifestyle.
I know there are more hardcore vegans that commit to wearing strictly vegan clothing, which is great but everyone is different.


I hope you liked my vegan story; I hope it inspires you to review your Lifestyle. Take the vegan challenge and make that change.


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Demetrius Lykes
Demetrius Lykes
My name is Demetrius Lykes, I'm an LA based Actor, Model, Dancer, and Singer. As a Vegan and Fitness enthusiast, I write about the best ways to optimize your healthy lifestyle.