Simple Living, Wise Thinking

simple living wise thinking

Simple living, wise thinking | Let's talk Wisdom

simple living wise thinking

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

- Soren Kierkegaard

I came across Soren's quote the other day and instantly loved it. I gravitated to the wisdom it held.. simply beautiful!.

However, I immediately also noticed the ‘WISDOM’ it left out.

simple living wise thinkingI get it! yes, it’s easy to directly look back at our past to gain a clearer understanding of life. When we can piece together the previous chain of events, ...strings of choices and a train of thoughts we can better predict the future.
From the deepest recesses of my being, 'I Agreed!', Hindsight provides us with a privileged vantage point, and so does organically flowing, intuitive WISDOM. This is a deep innate knowing generated by a connection with the universal life force within us.

Some have called this life force, the mind of Christ, Budha consciousness, the I AM, the Infinite Spirit...and many more. This wisdom also offers us a perspective of real clarity and understanding. The point is, it's not 'ONLY' about looking backward to observe raw existential experiences, there is an organically alive flow of wisdom that is in real-time and available also.

Simple Living Wise Thinking With an Organic Flow

simple living wise thinkingAs a lover of ancient scriptures and universal laws, I see a piece missing from this beautiful quote. Many have debated over these lines and always focus on the accumulation of raw historical data achieved by looking back into the past but fail to value foresight gained by the organic wisdom of enlightenment. You see, one of my personal definitions for wisdom is.. foreknowledge, yes knowledge about the end result of intention, choices, actions, and repetitious thought.

This wisdom leads to simple living, wise thinking.

As a student of psychology I have gained much insight into human behavior from historical knowledge, this is just another way of saying, foreknowledge of psychological processes and therefore outcomes. As a student of spirituality and theology, I've accumulated knowledge of historical knowledge and spiritual principals, yet this is another way of saying, foreknowledge of spiritual laws therefore outcomes. I have also gained a relationship with the source of life, this, in turn, has familiarized me to a deep inner organic flow of peace, love, and understanding (I like to say Overstanding).

Simple Living, Wise Thinking is Nothing New

simple living wise thinkingThere is much known about how certain outcomes are reached, books like the Bible, Bagvaghita, Gilgamesh epics, Tao Te Ching, Quran offer up enormous insight. In short, the ancients have been singing this song for millennia.

For over 20 years now, acquiring wisdom has been my priority. It simply takes a lot of the guesswork out of life - simple living, wise thinking. Although, it still leaves life interesting with lots of exciting unknown territory, and trial & error. However, both historical and organic wisdom allows us to live more effortlessly in the present moment (fully living in the now), the true art of living forward.

Wisdom gives us a real insight into the predictability of end results.

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