Why Friends Are Our Gurus

No.1 Reason Why Friends Are Gifts From God

The No.1 Reason Why Friends Are Gifts From God?

You're about to find out

The day we step foot onto the playground, friendships become a key part of our life evolution. According to Gallup polling data from 2004, 98% of the USA's population report having at least one close friend, although the average number being closer to nine.

Other surveys state that most adults have approximately 40 friends which each fall into various categories.

This is not really surprising based on the fact that we live in a social society which is very much about connecting and cultivating many shallow relationships generated on social media platforms and alike. However, we still find the time to nurture a handful of close friendships.
No.1 Reason Why Friends Are Gifts From GodSo we know that the term friend is bandied around quite freely and is meant to describe varying depths of relating to another person, even if we've only communicated with them via Facebook, once or twice.

For example, I have friends in the music industry and others in the more academic arena, while still others I connect with when doing business. There are friends that I'm connected to through my family, via other friends, and another group I relate to in my local gym. None the less, I value them and each of them has a special place in my life at some level.

There are even friends that you fall out of closeness with, seize to have anything in common with and others that you don’t regularly see, maybe every few years. However, I have personally come to learn that all friends can be extremely beneficial in our self-development journey, and I mean all friends.

If our self-development is important to us, we ought to read this article very carefully because I want to reveal why friends are a gift from God.

Now, every friend you interact with is an important mirror that can potentially expose and highlight a part of you. You see, our aim should be to become the greatest versions of ourselves, and the 'Source of all creation' has established a way that we can all iron out, straighten up and let go No.1 Reason Why Friends Are Gifts From Godoff in ourselves. OK, how exactly? I thought you’d never ask, well by seeing our friends as mirrors.
Yes, mirrors!. Just as a mirror provides us with a reflection of ourselves, in other words, useful information. We can fix our hair, straighten our clothes, take the dinner out of the gaps in our teeth and make sure our colors match. Equally, when we interact with others, our responses and reactions are reflected back to us for our use. We can choose to ignore it, become offended by it, let it be the source of our joy or make us more self-aware.
An example is when a friend gets us so irritated; they seem to trigger a reaction that comes from deep within us. We have two options, look outwards and focus on the friend, or to look inwards and ask whyNo.1 Reason Why Friends Are Gifts From God are we getting so reactionary. What inside of us is so sensitive? What's going on internally to make us respond in this way?. This inquiry helps us to identify a mechanism that is within us, and if the truth is told, it's nothing to do with that particular person. If we remove ourselves from that relationship, we'd likely run into another person that is able to trigger the same mechanism within us. The mechanism is still intact, all we've done is preserved it by our avoidance of confronting it, head on.

When we start to understand why friends are gifts from God, the benefits of human mirrors in our lives, we start to grow and expand in a much quicker way.

We are all composed of beliefs, ideas, thoughts, concepts, and stories about ourselves and the world we live in. It’s tough to see the world and ourselves without looking through these distorted filters (beliefs, personality, thoughts, etc)
It’s a bit like a fish noticing the water it’s swimming around in. Each of the mirrors in our lives reflects empowering data back at us, giving us a unique opportunity to become a more excellent version.

What I must include that, this life mirroring is as useful as the person interpreting it. You (the interpreter) should be founded in the truth that you are already perfect, full and whole. Life is all about continually becoming more of who you already are. Not striving to become someone else but gracefully unfolding like a beautiful flower, and rejoicing at every stage of your unfolding. I say this because we can become too sensitive and overly anxious about other people’s actions, reactions, and responses. Everyone is on a journey of growth, with different challenges and trials. If you understand that you can place yourself at an advantage by seeing friends as perfectly imperfect human beings, that bare gifts of self-reflection, you start to look at life with more clarity, you become more accepting of others and begin to grow like never before.

I hope you've enjoyed this article and can now understand Why Friends Are Gifts From God, they are as valuable as we are wise.

Please let us know what you've taken away from this article, how you see friends now and what you intend to do differently.

Ghramae Johnson

To your greatest version... Blessings!!

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