The Real Secret Behind How To Get Motivated

How To Get Motivated

Is it about 'How To Get Motivated?' or Redirecting your Motivation?

Many people don't know how to get motivated, however, most of the time this isn't the real issue. I received a phone call a few days ago that totally surprised me. It was an ex-client who I haven't seen for How To Get Motivatedover 6 years. It was such a pleasure to hear from him again, it was out of the blue and he was in high spirits. During the call he reminded me of something that impacted him in one of our sessions. It was a statement that I unconsciously throughout. I said, "even a lazy person is motivated". I continued by describing how a person who stays on a couch all day playing computer games, eating and watching tv possesses motivation - It just might be displaced, unaligned with their greatest purpose. However, the issue is to realign the energy flow of motivation in a different direction. We had a good laugh about what was said in that session, although he made it clear that it changed him forever.

Don't Get It Twisted

How To Be Motivated

Understanding that he possessed motivation, even in some of he's not so productive days, somehow helped him to feel empowered. He was able to see himself as powerful and in possession of life changing energy.  He further understood that he simply lacked the reason why..., the motive and the directed intent. Seeing things as they are and no worse is crucially important, as it keeps things in context, orderly and clarified. You then are able to identify what to do next in order to take those vital steps out of the funk, towards a place of inspiration, purpose, and aliveness.

Misdirected Energy

How To Get Motivated

How To Get Motivated

Think about motivation as an energy that needs to flow. Make no mistake, it will flow somewhere - through agreeable or disagreeable channels of thought, intent, emotion and behaviour. Our responsibility(as human beings) is to direct it and making sure it aligns with our values, highest good and desired outcomes.

There is so much more to share about How To Get Motivated, and I intend to, via the Ultimate Life Magazine platform. I created a short video on this subject and wanted to share it with you. It touches upon self-discipline and how it works alonside motivation. Please share it with friends, family and enemies (they need help too). Enjoy!


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How To Get Motivated

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