How to Take Responsibility for your Actions and your Life + Video

Take Responsibility for your actions

Take Responsibility for your actions and your Life

Do you really know what it means to take responsibility for your actions and life?, we'll find out in the next few minutes I expect.

Take Responsibility for your actions

Now when we think about taking responsibility, we often think about the role and position in which we're responsible for. And I might add, we're the CEO's of our life, making us accountable for the executive decisions in our life. Also, we're in charge of the resources and operations, you know, our time spent on thinking or taking actions, our energy, etc. However, we rarely think about the standard in which we should be executing these tasks.

OK, so let's take a closer look at responsibility.

In my view, it's threefold,

  • First, it's a position or a role, we have to accept the position of CEO.
  • Second, we have to believe that we can perform and execute the associated tasks connected to this role.
  • Third, we have to agree to perform the related tasks to a certain standard. Whether we're aware or not, at some level we decide to perform at a certain standard.

To think that because we're appointed a position and given authority, that we naturally execute these tasks well, or at all. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Why is it that you don't take full responsibility for your actions and life?. Two of the biggest issues are, failing to fully connect with the benefits and life purpose.

Let's simplify our life purpose for a second. Say purpose is to grow and expand into the greatest versions of ourselves. And to become the greatest gift that we can become to the world. Don't forget the benefits of living a life full of happiness, love, peace, inspiration, and progression. Now we're bringing together compelling reasons to take responsibility for your actions and life more seriously. You see, not embracing full responsibility means we defer it or give it away to others and things. In doing so, we unknowingly give away our power. When our power has been given away, it's not available to us to create lives that we desire.

Remove these 3 blockers and start to Take responsibility for your actions.

EXCUSE!, Excuses!, Excuses!

OK, the first one is the dreaded Excuses.

Now every time we allow excuses to have free reign in our minds, to some degree we fail to take responsibility fully. Said another way, we give away our right to respond, along with a portion of our power.

This was demonstrated pretty well by an experience I had in the barbershop. I was cutting my hair in a barbershop, and the person next to me was also cutting his hair. We were talking together at one stage, and then he proceeded to speak to a friend and the barber that was cutting his hair. He was telling them about all the reasons why he hadn't achieved his goals in life. I listened with great interest as he listed all of the individuals that were to blame. From his parents, government, boss at work to specific friend of his. All prevented him from moving forward in life. I counted 13 excuses in total, 13 displacements of his power.

Although he seemed more than comfortable directing the blame to 13 separate locations, I knew he didn't understand that his life power was also being directed towards those locations. Well, after my haircut I said goodbye to everyone but as I was halfway outside the door I decided to go back and inform him of this displacement of power. OK, so I went over to him and started to share that, to take responsibility for your actions means to let go of the excuses. As I spoke he increasingly nodded in agreement. I was slightly surprised by the moment of silence and intense intrigue that followed. He was profoundly grateful and received it well.
Excuses are simply stories we invest in that help us to avoid taking full responsibility for our life and rob us of our legacy.

Don't forgive, and lose your power

If you want to truly learn to take responsibility for your actions and life, unfortunately, forgiveness cannot be skipped. Every time we're confronted with a situation where we have to forgive, and we don't, we lose a portion of our power. I know how hard it hurts and how unfair it feels to forgive someone that's offended us. We can even feel a sense of pleasure and satisfaction by appointing blame. However, the fact is, unforgiveness prevents us from cleansing our hearts, emotions, and body. We remain connected to the situation. By simply forgiving, we can cleanse, grow, expand and learn from the experience. When we hold onto forgiveness, we agree to leave part of our power in the past. This makes it impossible to use it in the present time to affect our future. For two decades I've lived by this quote 'Every single situation in life presents us with two choices, to either take away disempowerment or empowerment'.

Principles of responsibility

  • The first principle of responsibility is understanding that every predicament and problem that is on our path is ours and is ours to deal with - it's no one else's.
  • The second principle of responsibility is wholly excepting that every predicament that lands on our path is for my betterment. It can help grow and expand me. Don't forget; growth mainly occurs in discomfort.
  • The third principle of responsibility is to fully understand that you have the ability and the power to respond to every predicament on your path.

I hope you enjoyed the article, you're probably going to find this Video informative also. It'll help you Take Responsibility for your actions and life, enjoy!

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