Why Do I Feel Empty and Numb? Read this to Reverse it

why do i feel empty and numb

A question...Why do I feel empty and numb?

Have you ever felt something was missing in your life? maybe a mild or even a heavy dose of emptiness. Well, in this article I will share 2 potential reasons for this and remedies that will see you emerge as a victor. If you or someone you know has ever posed the question "why do I feel empty and numb?", or are posing it now, read on.

Very few of us if any have escaped the feeling of being unfulfilled and losing our way. In fact, more people than you think silently endure these symptoms. why do i feel empty and numbIn an attempt at feeling better we might adopt certain coping strategies like downing our sorrows in alcohol, meeting up with friends or immersing ourselves in work. This also releases brain chemicals called neurotransmitters into the bloodstream, triggering a temporary high emotional state. For the most part, we may feel better but the deeper issue remains.
Now, as a success coach, I have approaches that locate and heal this. let’s explore.

First, as a success coach, I see this complaint a lot. When most people experience this feeling of emptiness, it registers bigger than it sometimes is. What I mean is, because our lives are sectioned into multiple key areas, each one contributes to your feeling of wellness. If a key area is underperforming, then it affects the overall feeling of wellness that you’ll feel. We hardly ever view our live’s as a collection of key areas (family, relationships, career, etc.), and we don’t hold a clear mental map of each of these sections. We can rarely articulate precisely how each area should perform and what’s required for them to perform at full power. Therefore, our diagnoses is simply a feeling of emptiness, heaviness, and unfulfillment. I might add, if you are asking 'why do I feel empty and numb?' and you fail to combat it, it can potentially lead to depression, apathy, and anxiety.


One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better.

Blaise Pascal


Let's look at four steps to determine where you’re underpowered.

1) What’s underpowered in Your Life?

Make time tor an inquiry, As I’ve mentioned, even if we feel like our whole life is in a whirlwind, drilling down and locating the specific area is the beginning of positive change. There are always triggers that are unique to you which set off feelings of discontent.
- Maybe there is an out-of-alignment within your career, goals or values that feels off?
- Is it a relationship that leaves you with a lack of energy and a heaviness?
- Could it be there’s a conflict between heart and brain towards house move?

It’s important to keep a close eye on how and when you feel. Tracking your emotions and how you feel at specific times can lead to pinpointing the problem area.

2) Zooming in to get a better grip

why do i feel empty and numb

Let’s imagine that you’ve felt a heaviness for the past few months and have located the area of dissatisfaction. You now realize it’s your intimate relationship. Ok, great we’ve found the trigger however now we need to ask, “What about my relationship leaves me feeling this way?”. Be honest and be open to whatever the answers may be. Answering these questions sincerely, digging deep will assist you in uncovering the root of the disconnect.

Sometimes it’s as simple tweek that puts you back on track again, assuming you know what to tweek.

3) What does high performance look like?

It all well and good identifying the problem, drilling down and locating the specific issue. However, it’s an entirely different thing restoring power.

Understanding what it would take to feel energized, fulfilled and inspired in this area of your life is vital. What would you need to get, get rid of or modify to feel awesome?
Again, take some time with this question and be true to yourself. Set aside any internal or external expectations, such as, “I’ve got to do this or that.”, Or “I should do this or that,” or “I can’t …”. There is no pressure to act on your answers, simply stay honest with yourself and work towards improving your life.

4) Do it again and again.

Gain clarity in all areas of life that prove to be disconnected. Were there is heaviness, unfulfillment and a lack of joy, drill deep, get specific and start dreaming of an awesome alternative.


So I hope this brings clarity in answering "why do i feel empty and numb?". I'm also a spiritual coach, assisting in spiritual awakening and development. There is much to add on this subject from that approach, read some of my spiritual articles (like the article feeling Stuck) to find out more.


Become aware, be grateful and start really living

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