The Dangerous Illusion Behind Most ‘Building Confidence’ Books pdf and Courses

building confidence books pdf

Building confidence books pdf and Courses & The Confidence Illusion

building confidence books pdf

Everywhere you go these days, there are newly released 'building confidence' books pdf, and someone, somewhere is talking about confidence. Whether it’s a parent giving advise to a child, schools encouraging their students, armies strengthening their soldiers, partners reassuring their better halves or gurus convincing their followers. What's interesting is, a large portion of that advise, reassurance and motivation is based on an illusion. This illusion is tightly woven into the fabric of our society and has been presented as the truth for millennia. However, there is another way of viewing confidence that isn’t widely known, let's explore.

The roots of my approach to building confidence

For over a decade I have been assisting people in liberating themselves from the traps and snares of societal, cultural and religious norms. Another way of saying this is, assisting people in awakening spiritually. One of those traps is a distorted view of building our confidence and our understanding of what true confidence is. This eventually led me to me writing a series of  'authentically building confidence' books pdf and course.

A gathering of friends

building confidence books pdfNow, this illusion was highlighted one day at a social gathering with friends. I found my self on a large table in a beach restaurant in Marbella, Spain. I was among friends, and we all decided to meet up and enjoy one another company for a few hours. It was a dynamic and varied crowd, made up of DJ's, entrepreneurs, authors, a restaurant owner, a stockbroker, stay at home mums and me (a success coach). We laughed, drank, eat and discussed many topics ranging from politics, sport to religion. The conversation eventually camped in the subject of real confidence and the process of building it up. It was the peak of the day as everyone seemed invested in the conversation. Everyone had a chance to contribute their opinion on what it was, and how to get more of it. Now, the spotlight naturally came around to me, and I was asked to offer up my opinion. I knew what I had to say was going to fly in the face of everything that was mentioned thus far. I began 'confidently' by saying; we are all confident. We've always been confident since the time we entered this existence. There was suddenly a deafening silence, some looked at me expecting me to burst out in laughter and say, ”not really!”. I assured everyone that I was extremely serious and continued explaining. The confidence we’ve always had is likened to a bright light that shines within. I asked building confidence books pdfthem to imagine babies and their behavior. Babies live through their inherent confidence. They do, be and fealessly go without any concerns. They're not consumed thoughts about consequences, expectation, appearance or identity, they're free to simply be. It’s only the disempowering conditioning that has taught them to consider such things as the protection of their reputation and identity. It's from these series of learned behavior that we’ve all acquired these layers of beliefs, thinking, and ideas that dampen the light of our confidence.

Now the question is whether confidence leaves us? No, and yes. The expression of confidence (certainty) can become dim but the actual source of confidence, never goes anywhere. The point is, layer upon layer of dis-enlightened belief and thinking prevent the light of our core, authentic confidence from shinning bright.

What was demonstrated at the social gathering among my dare friends, was that, we all attempt to compensate for this dulling process by adopting external toys, status, respect, improved looks, and money. This is a normal, logical way of trying to find a solution for a feeling of lack. After all, a lack of confidence is felt through our emotions, and in an attempt to feel better, we follow this logical thought process of external accumulation.

building confidence books pdf

An alternative to the majority of the 'building confidence' books pdf and courses.

There's another way, I explained to my friends. Peeling away and letting go of the layers that dampen your light. It is an entirely different approach than the external accumulation and the striving to achieve approach we've all been enslaved by.

When we know that we are complete in our core, missing nothing. We can start to connect with a feeling of wholeness. Our brain is allowed to rewire, and embrace the new truth. We can start to identify and see beyond the illusion of attempting to be other than who we are.

Simply being our authentic selves is called, 'being', no acting skills required. And to ‘be’ is all we truly need to do to be super confident. Now, I’m not saying this is easy, although I’m not saying it's hard either, that’ll depend on each individual. Everyone has a different level of willpower, intention, negative conditioning, etc. However, it is entirely possible and highly worth achieving.

This day turned out to be quite impactful, with many experiencing paradigm shifts, deeply reviewing their previous perceptions of confidence and the many illusions that surround it.

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