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The Dark Side of Greatness

The Dark Side of Greatness

Yesterday, around 7 pm I received a text from a good friend of mine, Jay. It read 'When you have time could you read this paragraph and let me know what your thoughts are regarding the meaning, Jay:). So, I scrolled down and scanned the paragraph.
The Dark Side of Greatness“Success in one area is often tied to failure in another area, especially at the extreme end of a performance. The more extreme the greatness, the longer the shadow it casts.”

Before I saw Jay's text, I was about to relax, have a bath and retire for the night. However, the request gave me another lease of life.
I decided to reply to the text straight away with a brief explanation on the Dark Side of Greatness. I also decided to post it on this blog for you to read.

So what does this paragraph mean?

“Success in one area is often tied to failure in another area, especially at the extreme end of a performance. The more extreme the greatness, the longer the shadow it casts.”

Well, it highlights a powerful principle, one that governs all people, however, one which is little known or understood.

In short, It means that we all possess gifts, talents and skills. However,  note that everything in life is polarised. That is, everything has its polar opposite, it’s light and dark, it's bright and shadow.  Yes, there is even the Dark Side of Greatness.

This is most obvious when we examine a comonly known genius, whether they're a brilliant abstract painter or a spectacular actor or sports star. For example, they may be gifted with the ability to go into solitude and focus intensely on creating an innovative, cutting-edge app. Or maybe an invention that changes the world or receive profound insights about life. Although, unfortunately, the same gift that enabled them to do those exceptional feet, may also carry a susceptibility to depression, loneliness, and social anxiety. The unique gift has two sides.

The Dark Side of GreatnessThe ancient books of wisdom clearly warn about the Dark Side of Greatness, they state that certain responsibilities should be distributed to those over 30 years of age (one of those books is Timothy found in the Bible). It's also why it says to whom much is given, much is indeed required.
I’m a great believer in growing character at the same rate or at an even quicker rate than our giftings unfold, this includes the gift of relationships. Why? because character is the thing that can manage, hold and sustain the gift.

You wouldn't give a loaded gun to a 5 year old, would you?

Throughout history, many have been destroyed by the very gift that brought them fame and fortune. A small list instantly springs to mind - Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, James Dean, Rock Hudson, and tupak , and that list is endless. Although, even from this mini group of geniuses, we identify a pattern of self destruction.

It is absolutely correct that the more extreme the greatness, the longer the shadow it casts. Greatness is measured in the height in which someone achieves in an area of life. And the higher anything stands the more extended the shadow it casts. This is a perfect metaphor for the potential dark or negative consequences that this gift possesses. We have to remember; the Dark Side of Greatness exsists in the form of potentialities, not absolutes. We are not describing curses or something which is doomed. Every gift harbors vast possibilities, masses of potential and offers multiple opportunities. Unfortunately, some of these opportunities are detremental and devastating to parts of our life. For example, possessing millions of dollars provides more opportunity to travel, purchase your desires and contribute to others. On the flip side, It also increases your ability to support and start new expensive but desctructive habbits. Gifts can also be expressed in more adulation and praise from others, again, the flip side means more required effort to manage staying down to earth and humble.

That’s why relationships, fame, celebrity, talents, skills, extrodinary abilities, power and authority all come with a heavy  dose of responsibility.

"I often imagine giftings as hot cakes; they taste 'out of this world', as long as you can find a way to handle them" - Ghramae Johnson.

So, be careful what you ask for, it'll automatically come with a side plate of responsibility.

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