6 Powerful Law of Attraction Resources and Tips

law of attraction resources

Law of Attraction Resources and tips

No doubt, you've heard of the "The Secret" and you'd probably like to know more about the law of attraction. The internet is a wash with teachers professing to fully understand it. Although there is much depth to this law and the film (arguably one of the most well-known law of attraction resources) only brushed the surface.

Law of attraction explained

The basic understanding is that 'like' draws in 'like'. You can imagine yourself as a magnet drawing in all of the circumstances, people and objects of desire into your life. Your thoughts, visions, and law of attraction resourcesfeelings all work together to create a magnetic current that attracts specific things towards you. When you start to deeply understand the law of attraction and it's attraction process, you realize that you alone are responsible for whatever you attract and you've attracted within your life.

I know, this is an uncomfortable pill to swallow and digest, especially if you've been raised to think that ...
1. something beyond you is punishing or rewarding you according to how it feels at any given time.
2. or if you're the kind of person that thinks someone else is responsible for your wellbeing, provision or progression.
3. or if you blame others for the negative circumstances in your life

However, the law of attraction is bigger than your conscious mind, although it is influenced by it. However, It also includes the deep beliefs and moving energy aka emotions that dwell in the subconscious. Don't be fooled, those hidden feelings and programs can override what you consciously feel and believe. Beliefs that are established in your subconscious tend to have stronger and deeper roots than their mindful counterparts.

To help you fully understand this, think of a tree with its trunk and branches above the earth surface. Then imagine its thick, long and far-reaching roots dispursed deeply below ground. Some of the beliefs that no longer serve us are similar to these well-established trees. All is not lost though, being aware of these is half the battle won. Although the other half of the fight is to remove these, none serving beliefs so that there is no resistance to the magnetic pull you'll generate.

Law of attraction resources not valued by Everyone

Many struggle with using the law and a large portion deny its validity. I'm here to give you hope by saying, it does law of attraction resourceswork!. And I'm not stating that from an author's point of reference. I'm stating it from a person who has consistently and consciously used it for over 20 years and repeatedly seen its results show up in my life. Now I say the word 'consciously' because every one of us has been using the law since we were born. In fact, it's impossible to avoid using it as it's a universal law that is no respecter of persons. Whether you're a King, prisoner or servant, the law is the law.

There are specific components to the law that have to be adhered to. Once these are all in place, the world becomes a blank canvas in which you can create your work of art.


Here are some books you you can read to learn more about this powerful law.

 Great law of attraction resources

  • The Master Key System-- By Charles Haanel,
  • Seth Material-- By Jane Roberts,
  • Think & Grow Rich (The original edition) by Napoleon Hill,
  • Law of Attraction-- by Michael Losier,
  • Art of Allowing-- by Esther Hicks,
  • Ultimate life Magazine online Course -- Coming soon!

Even though some don't use the term law of attraction, when reading the materials you'll comprehend the deeper levels of the law of attraction.

Conscious Daily Attracting / Tip 1

law of attraction resourcesEven if you've recently stumbled across some law of attraction resources, create a daily practice that gets you familiar with the law and its requirements.
The law of attraction is literally you, yes you at your core. In our core nature, we're at peace, happy and vibrating at a high level. Now, getting back to this default position is the key and takes a degree of practice. Becoming balanced while still being open-minded and open-hearted to a world of fantastic possibilities is where the magic happens.
Set yourself daily tasks and procedures that help you to hone the skill of relaxing, being mindful, visualizing, focusing your attention and shifting your emotional state. This will prepare you to work the law effortlessly but at the same time, on purpose.

What do you want? / Tip 2

At the foundation, the law of attraction is simply Love, doing its thing!. True love knows no fear, it resides in the world of infinite possibilities and uncertainty. It lines up with the rest of the universal laws and attracts unto itself what's required.
In short, even if you continuously state that you don't desire something but continue to place your attention on it, guess what? You'll attract it. As I mentioned previously, the law is no respecter of persons; status neither does it filter out what's good or bad. It merely draws back to you what you're emitting out as a strong magnetic vibration.
The key is to shift your focus to the things you desire. Ignoring what you don't desire, in this way you give no currency to the 'undesirable'.


The most important thing is to start, now that you've found some law of attraction resources, get stuck in and build momentum. If this article has helped you in anyway please leave a comment below.

Happy attracting



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