The Art of Following Your Heart

following your heart

The Art of Following Your Heart

As a young boy, I had a deep fascination for philosophy, axiomatic reasoning and any intriguing way of understanding the mystery of life. I remember being a student that was determined to crack following your heartthe mysteries of life by reading the great thinkers of the ages, by studying the most acclaimed scientist and delving into the secret writings of mystery schools of Egypt and Asia. Anyway, after many years of spiritual, philosophical and psychological study it all started to make sense. At first, as things became clearer, I thought ‘Nah, this is far too simple, following your heart?”, however, I grew to find out that truth is indeed simple.

It is vitally important to understand; there’s a big difference between how the mind works and how the heart works. The heart is without the complication and confusion of the conditioned mind. It sings along and harmonizes with the essence of life; it vibrates with source energy. However, our conditioned mind has been infected, shaped and educated by opinion, agenda and diverse beliefs. Its very nature is to judge and conceptualize everything it comes into contact with. In fact, it sees everything as separate and generates thoughts based on this idea. The mind complicates things, wants to figure everything out, it wants to continuously objectify and conceptualize.

Why Following Your Heart is sometimes difficult?

following your heart


For example, If a person sees an individual sitting on a park bench, their conditioned mind will invariably form an opinion, place judgment and categorize the individual based on previously established concepts. This is mentally processed in nanoseconds without any realization of the process playing out.
The heart, on the other hand, is different. As I've mentioned the heart is simple, its natural occurrence is to resonate with source energy, the vibration of truth. It will have a different way of processing and concluding what is witnessed. Because of the way we’ve been nurtured and slowly conditioned into honoring the intellect over the hearts direction, we gain guidance from the conditioned mind, for the most part completely neglecting the heart.

Why Following Your Heart is wise?

following your heartTo further illustrate the difference between the heart and the conditioned mind. It would be like someone looking at the sea, most likely that person would base their conclusions of it mainly on what they can visually see. The waves, the color, the glistening of the sun, etc. They would miss the vastness that is occurring 10 miles down towards the seabed, let alone one inch below the surface. Each meter is full of activity and information regarding the sea. Each layer is likened to layers of understanding and knowing, however when we limit ourselves to only making sense of the superficial; we are indeed limited. The heart, if allowed, feels into the layers with its antennas of knowing. It is not limited by adopted agendas, borrowed beliefs, and wholesale ideologies. The heart sees past the contrived and false concepts and stories human beings have claimed as truth. It plays to a completely different tune. It sees what is, according to the true nature of things.

The heart evaluates the energy and vibration of a thing; it bypasses the irrelevant distractions of the world. In some of my workshops, I teach people how to trust the heart and its directives. It speaks clear and loud, our sensitivity to it's advise is low. 'The heart knows best,' as I always say because it does.

The Art to Following Your Heart is mentioned in the oldest wisdom texts. One of my favorite statements says, “man looks at the outward appearance of a man, but God looks at the heart.” When we connect to our true nature via our hearts, the core of who we really are we start to see things clearly, without the distortion of taught ideologies. We see things as they are and in their true nature. We start to wake up to the reality of life as an innocent, highly sensitive being.

Why the Art of really living is a combination of Following Your Heart and living in the moment?

following your heartWaking up is becoming aware of the beauty, clarity, and power of the present moment, understanding that it is the only 'real time,' its the vantage point of truth. When we let go of all intellectual and mental data as being apart of truth and place the present moment as the place in which we can rely upon, we see, know and understand more. Becoming innocent and present in the moment restores all of our control and power, it affords us more insight, security, and love.

The heart opens us up to receive massive downloads of data that the conditioned mind is not capable of understanding and will just put up resistance to. A child is reported to learn more in one year than most adults learn in 20 years. Why? Because the child is open without resistance, allowing the flow of data to gain access. As children, we haven’t yet learned to resist, cling on to control and the need to intellectualize everything that is incoming.

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Be you by just being!

following your heart





P.S. I created a short video on the Deception of Self Development, i'm thinking you may find it interesting, enjoy!


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