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Every now and then, you come across transformational life stories that make you say Wow!.

Stories real life transformation storiesof men and women surviving unthinkable challenges, appreciating the gift of crisis and possessing a strong will to live. In all these stories, there are normal individuals coming against impossible situations and winning dramatic victories.

In reality, we all need inspiration of some sort, a reassurance that we can also achieve the impossible. The unique stories of these men and women I'll share with you, are no different from yours. However, they listened to their hearts, they've stayed strong to their vision and against all odds, they embrace their dream.

The big take-aways from these real life transformation stories are,

1. these individuals are no different from you or I, and

2. if they can transform their lives with strong determination and focused effort, both you and I can too!.

3. each individual wonderfully illuminates how extraordinary we all are. When we make our minds up to succeed, everything becomes truly possible.

Scott Whitney: Pursuing his dream despite a brain hemorrhage

Scott Whitney embarked on a two-mile bike ride in 2012 that changed his life forever. During the ride, his real life transformation storiesbike hit a curb, and he suffered a clavicle break and a brain hemorrhage. Luckily a Good Samaritan quickly rushed him to the nearest hospital. He was immediately rushed into the operating room, where part of his skull was removed to prevent swelling.

After Scott’s surgery, he battled pneumonia and was placed in an induced coma (to allow his body to heal on its own) for a few days. Scott’s doctors feared the worst, they suspected he would have permanent brain damage, and placed him in an induced coma for 3 weeks. Time past slowly and eventually Scott finally woke up, he openned his eyes to see his family, close friends, and girlfriend by his side.

Real life transformation stories continues ...

A few days after waking up from a coma, Scott bounced back with a determined spirit and began occupational, physical and speech therapy. Here’s the interesting part, within a few weeks Scott made remarkable progress. Aside from the therapy, Scott’s brain required additional operations, admittedly, after multiple surgeries and many hours of therapy, Scott’s brain responded well and came back together.

During those long hours of surgery and therapy, Scott developed a burning desire to achieve his original dream. He far from gave up; rather it became the inspiration that he needed. After his recovery, Scott mounted his bike again and began to set a new goal. Having completed Ironman triathlons in 2007, Scott intended to copete again in 2012. Determined to ride by the end of 2012, Scott started training, he gradually regained his stamina and strength – with a few bumps in between.

real life transformation storiesFor a long time Scott had visualized being named the ‘2012 Ironman’; through the heat of the sun and consistant mental, emotional and physical struggle, Scott achieved his dream - truly against all odds he won Ironman 2012. He demonstrates what can be achieved with the right attitude, heart desire and mindset.

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Well done Scott!!



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