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Why all the fuss about Macrobiotic diet foods?

Macrobiotic Diet Foods

Is there a connection between Macrobiotic Diet Foods, health and Longevity?

When most hear the word Macrobiotics, they have no idea what it refers to. It's the science of longevity and health. It possess a macrobiotic diet foodsidea that every individual is largely influenced by both environment and social interactions as well as the geographical climate of the place they habitate.

A Macrobiotics diet foods approach percieves disease and illness as the body's way of attempting to return to a more dynamic and harmonious state with nature. It highlights the extreme importance of a healthy diet as one of the critical variables that influence a person's health and wellness.

A macrobiotic diet foods not only refers to a daily diet, but it also embraces the importance of living with healthy lifestyle habits for the long term.

What Foods Are Included in a Macrobiotic Diet?

A macrobiotic diet prioritizes locally grown foods which are prepared in a natural manner. Undertaking a macrobiotic diet also means taking extra care in the way the foods are being prepared and cooked. There is a strong emphasis on eating foods that are macrobiotic diet foodsbaked, boiled and steamed and using little fried and processed foods.

Whole grains, vegetables, fermented soy, fish, nuts, soups, seeds and fruits are the main composition of a macrobiotic diet. Other natural food products can also be incorporated in the diet.

A macrobiotic diet foods list can be altered in order to suit an individual's needs, considering their particular health condition.

This allows those with specific conditions, or dietary requirements or even preferences, to modify their diet, whilst still adhering to macrobiotic recommendations.

People who are utilizing macrobiotic diet foods are encouraged to train themselves to eat slowly and chew their food thoroughly.

What Foods Are NOT Included in a Macrobiotic Diet?

macrobiotic diet foodsSince a macrobiotic diet strongly recommends that foods must be eaten in their most natural state, processed foods should be avoided. Fatty meats, dairy products, sugar, caffeine, refined flour, alcohol, poultry, zucchini and potatoes are some examples of foods that should not be included in the macrobiotic diet.


Macrobiotics aims to achieve balance in every aspect of your life. Therefore, foods which are highly-concentrated and over stimulating should also be eliminated from the daily diet.

Macrobiotic Diet foods Studies

Some studies reveal that following a macrobiotic diet has helped many people lower their levels of blood pressure and serum lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides). This is why some experts suggest that this kind of diet can also be used as an effective means macrobiotic diet foodsof preventing the emergence of many cardiovascular diseases.

Many experts also believe that a macrobiotic diet can also serve as a valuable inclusion in a cancer prevention plan. However, the macrobiotic diet remains the subject of controversy as many experts doubt its benefits when practiced by people who have diagnosed malignancies.

On the other hand, many anecdotal reports claim that its therapeutic effects are remarkable to patients who are suffering from advanced cancer diseases. However, to date very few studies have been conducted that would prove or disprove the benefits of  macrobiotic diet foods.

Further studies are warranted in order to prove the effectiveness of a macrobiotic diet in cancer prevention. Other concerns expressed by some experts include claimed risks of nutritional deficiencies.

However, it is difficult to dismiss the long term health benefits of any diet which is based on the consumption of organic and locally grown foods and the exclusion of highly processed ingredients.

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