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Do You Know How to Transform your Life?

Many have called me a life transformation coach as I teach a course on this subject. As a result, I was asked to do a presentation at a retreat about the stages of awakening, the process of being transformed from what many call an unconscious sleep state to a wide awake state, in conscious or spiritual terms. After my presention, I decided to document a portion of what I shared.

So, the next day I sat down in my favorite chair at home, excited about writing this article. Pen in hand and a fresh cup of tea to my side. I how to transform your lifestarted by writing the title 'How to transform your life', this suddenly zoomed me back to a magical time in my life where I started my transformation journey, when I began to view life completely differently - and I mean Completely differently!. Now, in order to create context, this was over two decades ago, when I experienced my first significant transformational shifts. The stages I've documented here are largely based on my own experiences, although, they do align with what I've experienced for many years in my coaching practice.
I write this piece to offer you a loose outline of the process of awakening, increasing ones state of spiritual awareness (described in terms of a poor sense of self, ego based thinking, frustration, dissatisfaction, confusion, lostness, hopelessness and countless insecurities etc - in my case) to a deep sense of awareness, peace, clarity and knowing. A full feeling of Love and oneness, aliveness and a high default level of constant bliss, wonder, and gratitude. Now, we're not talking about utopia or unrealistic constant smilling. I describing a completely different approach and perspective towards life, therefore the meanings that you attribute to everything changes. There is an enormous shift in the level of happiness, appreciation and acceptance you now possess.
I feel qualified to write this for many reasons; one reason is that I've been going from strength to strength for over 20 years plus and have coached many through all of these stages and teach a course entitled - How to transform your life. The truth is, we never stop becoming more aware, there isn't a destination we arrive at where we put our flag in the ground - and retire. We continuously learn to flow with the laws of the universe, negotiate the obstacles on our path and enjoy the unfolding of our journey.


1. Soulful Cry - How to transform your life

The first stage is when you feel a sensation, a yearning, the sense that there is something more. It’s a call to wake up; I call it the 'soulful cry'. It exposes a deep dissatisfaction, a feeling that there's another way of experiencing life. Now, this signal gradually increases in volume and clarity, it starts off as a low, muffled sensation and eventually becomes more apparent as you continue to how to transform your lifebecome aware of it.
It periodically arises and then it’s gone, only to signal again for another brief moment. This yearning seems to be loaded with much that cannot be languaged, but in simple terms, it’s a call for more, a call for freedom, a call for change. It speaks wisdom from another place; it shines a light on the dysfunction and illusion of our current state.

2. WAKING UP - How to transform your life

I see this stage as a part of continueuing to wake up. Still SLEEPY EYED, DISORIENTED, a feeling of things are SURREAL, A deep sense of NEWNESS. We continue to Question the soul cry, is it real?, what does it mean? Not yet fully free from the clutches and conditioning of the illusion of life but having witnessed the spark of a new reality - we know there is something significant there.
As our sensitivity grows we start to follow the urges generated by our deeper yearning. As our awareness of the new reality increases, we tentatively begin to both trust in the possibilities of the process and ourselves more fully. This is the stage where we become aware that we’ve been operating within a self-fulfilling prophecy, propelled by a steady flow of disempowering beliefs and thinking that is contrary to our true nature.

3. Getting a grip - How to transform your life

This stage characterizes another level of consciousness - we increase our level of what we’re aware of. Our degree of certainty about what we’re experiencing has increased, therefore what we’re willing to do on behalf of it grows. We start to personalize the experience of awakening. We witness and record the experience of our healing.

We start a journey of freedom, that is to start breaking free from or liberating ourselves from thoughts, ideas, concepts, paradigms, rules, opinions, structures and worldviews that previously imprisoned us. We are slowly and gradually questioning everything that we ever called truth, right, wrong, good, bad, correct, acceptable and not enough. We start to gravitate and attract liberating texts, resources, and individuals including teachers and healers who embody the truth that is becoming more and more apparent.

We gradually gain strength and couraghow to transform your lifee to walk away from safe, familiar, habitual living. The sheer act of doing the once 'undoable' and thinking the once 'unthinkable' starts to build unused muscle. Eventually taking on bigger and bigger ideologies and deeply ingrained notions.

As You Grow - You start Letting go.

As you grow, you start to let go – letting go of relationships, identities, personas, dependencies on other’s opinions and reactions. Such things as the mundane work routine, climbing up corporate ladders, traditional concepts of marriage, even homeownership are exposed as being investments in the illusion of this matrix based system. The veil of the illusion slowly withdraws, revealing the widespread conditioning and the unconscious living up to the hypnotic social cues.
You slowly shed the neediness and embrace the truth that you’re already complete.
You start to identify the beliefs that are interwoven in your soul and you start to use them as the standard in which you live. Observing where in your life they seem to be stifled. Which particular individuals they seem to conflict with. Observing family, friends, career, and strangers – the question becomes where are you not Yourself?

Ambivalent Means to have mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.
At this point, you are not yet fully aligned and integrated with who you are - your authentic self. You are still discovering and growing into this level of alignment. Although, now you are operating under a “projective identification,” situations may occur wherein others reflect this ambivalence (unsureness) back at you by challenging, judging and picking fault. Others can detect the ambivalent expressions within you. If you become aware enough, These individuals will show you exactly where you harbor this uncertainty.

4. CONSCIOUS JOURNEY - How to transform your life

This stage is when you reach a plateau (of sorts), a place of certainty and sureness about this new level of consciousness or if you how to transform your lifelike, reality. Where you know beyond your academic mind that you have broken out of the lost world of the matrix and joined a different path that very few can see, feel or are aware of. It signifies the end of the first stage of the Soulful cries and the period of the disorientation of the initial wakeup But it’s the start of the dedication to walking in alignment. At some point, you wake up to know what is indeed you, what is genuinely in line with what is truly you and what that looks and feels like. Your awareness illuminates what is right for you and this lights a path to which you walk. The more you are aware, the more you can deliberately do with awareness.

Now, this is an ongoing process. A journey of negotiating situations and circumstances using your choices, managing your thinking and emotions, regulating your actions and intentions, you are being processed. It’s a process of expanding your courage, increasing your level of certainty, investing in your chosen reality, clarifying your perspective and refining your sensitivity to the things unseen. But this process is continuous, and the results continue to emerge the more you follow the process.

I’ve experienced many became impatient and frustrated at this stage. Some self-criticize, doubt their level of awareness and spiritual validity. They are so eager to reach a stage of happiness or bliss because they hold assumptions that bliss is the sign of enlightenment. “Why aren’t I happy by now?!”, “why haven’t I experienced a blissful state yet?”. In an attempt to help them to trust the process, I unpack and reframe parts of their expectation and belief, gently bringing them back into the timing of the process. I tend to direct them towards a new goal of acceptance and then deep gratitude. Gratitude allows no space for fear or anger, instead, it re-aligns you to your optimized resonance. Cultivating a sense of wonder and ore for the things that ARE - and what IS. This sets a beautiful stage for the play of happiness to perform on.

5. Universal Orchestration - How to transform your life

how to transform your lifeUniversal orchestration is a term I coined to describe a stage of awareness - when we see more clearly the light of truth, radiate more intentionally eternal love and feel deeply connected to everything. We eventually get a revelation that we are all part of the one, an individual but connected expression of the one and that separateness (to a degree) is part of the illusion. We start to realize our bodies are primarily a web of interconnections that extend to the natural world and beyond. A real revelation of this infinite web that connects everything to everything is a staircase that leads to ownership, autonomy, self-initiation, and ultimately, life mastery. Confidence and trust in the process is key to continued development. As we grow and let go, grow and continue to let go of things, identities, desires, needs, ideas and beliefs we become more connected to the nature and flow of life - we start to understand, it’s about flowing with it. As a result, there is less drama, less resistance, less suffering, it generates a bubble of flow, a protective energy that Gandhi and others call Satyagraha or truth force. When you reach the level of universal awareness, it is assumed that everything that happens to us, around us and in our experience is our responsibility. It isn’t deferred like we’d once defer it but it’s fully accepted as part of our co-creation. There is no bogie man that has it in for us, we are not the victim but a co-creator in all of our experience. We attract everything to us through the power of what we emit. Understanding the law of magnetic vibration, we can deliberately use it to create a reality we love. We take our positions as the authors of our existence.

6. Ultimate Standard - How to transform your life

As our conviction towards the newfound authentic reality becomes stronger, we hold each thought, emotion, intention, desire and action to a gold standard. That standard is Love. It’s no longer the love that others have defined for us, whether it be society, how to transform your lifepositions running for the latest election, the Italian mafia family’s definition of love, the love represented by our parents, or the various brands of egotistical loves among our friends. We now start to feel into and rediscover the love that we already know deep in our hearts. It’s about reconnecting and making that connection stronger and louder than any other. It’s a process of nurturing, familiarising and relationship building with our hearts. The weighing scales of truth that able to grant us the most aligned ruling according to our authenticity is within us.


If you've ever wondered about the process associated with how to transform your life this can act as a loose guide, helping you to avoid fear, anxiety and disapointment. As a coach and teacher I've helped many navigate through these stages. It's a journey everyone can and would benefit from taking.

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I wish you a great journey

How to transform your life

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