Parenting Anxiety and Depression : Is There a Link?

parenting anxiety and depression

Parenting Anxiety and Depression : Is There a Link?

Positive Parenting program

The foundation stone for character development begins at home through one's parents, and by and large, the level of pro-activity needed to bring up a child in this world is enormous. Napoleon Bonaparte said and I quote, “Give me good mothers and I shall parenting anxiety and depressiongive you a great nation!" Sadly, in recent times experts question whether the concepts of Parenting and Depression have a strong connection. The influx of information has made things very complicated for the parents of the millennials. However, the art of effective parenting remains the same, the art of bringing up a child with positivity, security and most of all creating an environment conducive to creativity, and letting go.
Being a parent no doubt is the toughest job in the world but only if you know the magnitude of the responsibility, only if you are aware that the child could become an asset for society and become an integral part of the betterment of our world. Bad parenting can tune the creative part of a child to conform and follow, never to take decisions based on his/her thought process. It robs the child of their happiness and real potential, and this is one cardinal sin that majority of the parents of the world are guilty of. It's not about blaming the sacred cow entirely but understanding the importance of the role and how effective parenting can be used to turn things around in society.

Creative Minds

Parenting Anxiety and Depression

I've always been curious to know whether all of us were born creative. Did all of us have that natural ability to think out of the parenting anxiety and depressionbox, come up with fresh ideas out of the block and be incessant in speaking our minds? The answer is a big YES! We did, when we were kids we took chances, we did things without an iota of fear, he felt free in our decisions because we enjoyed making them, we enjoyed each and everything that we did then. And we consider it the golden period of life.

Early childhood development

But as you grow older you learn to curb your creativity; it's like learning how to unlearn something. Through the environment around you, your activities, your parents, your social circle, negative experiences it could be anything, but there's one common parenting anxiety and depressiontheme in all of this, and that is you learn to conform to the boundaries that the world sets for you. You stop thinking along the lines of which you should be thinking and are forced to believe and learn something else.
The influences of the people around you shape you as the individual you turn out to be, I remember reading the poem by Dorothy law befittingly called "Children Learn What They Live" and never understand what it meant until I got older. Children learn what they live! and the people around them play an integral part in building the right mindset to face the cut-throat environment that he/she would need to face. A child develops habits, traits, and characteristics based on the environment and values exposed to him/her.

The Importance of Friends ... Parenting Anxiety and Depression

Good friends are hard to find let me tell you! Most people have friend’s families to come back to. However, the number of people having real bonding and relationships with them are substantially lower in number. Nevertheless, if your friends don’t possess the parenting anxiety and depressionqualities below, there never going to be of much value to you.
Developing empathy
Life, in essence, is all about managing relationships and your life goals, and in going all out for life goals we compromise on the former, communication is the lifeline of any relationship, and if there is a halt in that communication, issues will arise in relationships and differences will get magnified. Relationships stay for lifetimes because of empathy, being in the shoes of the other person and thinking from their perspective allows people to develop a connection that can never be broken allowing them to reap the benefits of their investments in each other in their practical lives.
However, cynics (and there are many) would argue that the empathy is often misused and it's used to mask the true intentions of the individual. Concealing their true feelings towards the other by hiding behind the shadow of empathy. It happens all the time; people try to use empathy as a tool to tap into the emotional side of each other without telling it like is.

Honesty in Relationships

Honesty and transparency are essential to the survival of a relationship. You have to be in a space where you can be the real you around someone, with no strings attached. If that’s not possible, I guess it's never a real relationship, to begin with.
parenting anxiety and depressionUnfortunately people become hypocrites and continue relationships for financial or nonfinancial gains. Millions of people in this world live with hypocrisy in relationships just to maintain their façade in society.


But I wouldn’t lose hope in people so quickly; I still believe we can find like-minded people in this world that could be compatible with our natures and moral codes. I personally despise this imprudent idea that we need to live with all sorts of people because that’s how things work. I get where people come from when saying this, and it’s possible that it makes us stronger as individuals but that doesn’t validate having to live around people that you can't relate to.


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