What sort of person are you? interview question

what sort of person are you interview question

What sort of person are you? interview question

Imagine an interview question that stopped you in your tracks and made you think deeply about who you actually are.

I wonder?... by the end of this test will you expose yourself as a good person or possibly ...somewhat less than a good person?
We all assume most of the time we are good people, good hearts and do the right thing. However, when it boils down to it, very few pass the sincere self questioning test. We find ourself suddenly changing at the moment prior to answering the interview question, 'What sort of person are you?' and become someone different to who we actually are or to be more accurate, how we generally act.

I wonder?... do you have saintly qualities? a kind heart, a generous and accommodating spirit?
I'm really enquiring to whether you're compassionate? selfless? Do you help others even if they don't deserve it? or maybe you regularly hurt others? what about your enemies - Can you sincerely forgive your worst enemies?

What sort of person are you? interview question that runs deep

What sort of person are you interview question- How much do you know about your real self and your real attitude?

- What are your fundamental values, which will never be compromised by you?

each of these is an invaluable interview question, in the pursuit of an answer to what sort of person are you.

You see, these are essential questions that should be clarified by all of us. If at the end of our self-inquiry, we find that we aren't saints, there is no harm. Because that realization of the truth can potentially help us to do and be better.

How to find out if you have saintly qualities?

If you are serious about answering "What sort of person are you?" interview question style inquiry and reflections are powerful.

Look back and reflect on your actions within the day, do this at the end of the day for a few minutes. Mentally revisit your confrontations, interactions, and your casual conversations. Identify whether you acted without any selfish motive. Identify where you did something that might be below your moral standard. Did you hurt with your words?/ Did you praise a colleague or a friend? Collect the good and bad deeds.

interview question "What sort of person are you?"

What Sort of Person are you interview questionNow you can monitor and gradually increase your acts of kindness.
You are not alone. All of us act below our moral code, and by regularly breaking our internal standard, we desensitize ourselves from it. Awareness is the critical first step. Once you become aware, change can begin to happen. A process of consciously reducing the not so good and increasing the better actions will see a steady shift in your default level rise.

This article about 'What sort of person are you? interview question' has been writen to encourage you to start being the good you'd like to see in the world because the world will appreciate your contribution.



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what sort of person are you interview question

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