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how to give sympathy after death

How to give Sympathy after death

how to give sympathy after deathEven the most verbally active among us, lack words when confronted with helping someone deal with a recent death. We sincerely desire to express our deepest sympathy, comfort and empathise, but we don't quite know how to demonstrate it. Of course, words can be comforting, and at the same time fleeting. So, what do we do?. Inveriably, we turn to more tangible expressions of sympathy.

How to give sympathy after death

First of all, sympathy has many expressions. A carefully selected card with a heartfelt message is often the first thing we seek. There is a surprising array of choices to be made when choosing a card. The natural inclination is usually to pick a card that reflects the giver's beliefs as opposed to focusing on those of the bereaved. Some sympathy cards contain short generic messages and are appropriate for acquaintances such as co-workers with whom one does not have a close personal relationship. Other cards reflect religious, cultural or spiritual themes, which may bring great comfort at such a challenging period. The final type of card emphasizes the friendship between the giver and the receiver. These cards assure the receiver that a close friend will be available to provide support in any way and at any time.

How to give sympathy after death 

The Loud impact of quiet Sympathy

We shouldn't underestimate the long-lasting impact a sympathy gift will have on the recipient. This point was driven home for me when I gave a plant to a co-worker. (It was spring, and I was transplanting recently rooted baby spider plants to share with friends and acquaintances.) The next day she told me that she had cried when she brought it home and put it on her table.

It turned out that her father had died several years earlier. And at that time, someone gave her a plant as a sympathy gift. Watching the plant grow and blossom with life over the years always comforted her by reminding her of the energy and enthusiasm for life her father had displayed. Did that gift giver have any idea of the power of that simple condolence gift - that it would console her deeply for years?

how to give sympathy after deathUnbeknownst to me, a couple of weeks before I offered her a new little plant, her old one had died, and she had to dispose of it. It upset her to see, the now empty place occupying the table every day. She told me that when she brought home my plant and placed it in its spot, it was like that life and energy returned, once again reminding her of her father's great energy.

It turns out that ... how to give sympathy after deat is sometimes so simple, we may over think it.

Though it may be difficult to express our sympathy at times, we should all take comfort in knowing that the sincere gestures we make and heartfelt tokens we give are gifts that really will comfort to the hearts and souls of the recipients.

How to give sympathy after death is an article that was written to shine the light on an issue that has come up in question and answer sessions I've held.  I hope these words have helped you to understand the wieght and value of your simplist expressions of your heart.

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