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The Great Consciousness shift 2018/2019 is Happening

consciousness shift 2018

A Great Consciousness shift 2018/2019 is Happening: can you feel it?

A time for intense purging and deep cleansing from both our inner essence and from within the Earth, and also through to our manifested realities. How this ultimately unfolds, is our choice.

consciousness shift 2018The Coming of the consciousness shift 2018/2019

Many among us resonate with the need to focus our attention (inwardly and outwardly) on the frequencies of oneness and love. Although, many more will remain trapped within the grip of the conditioning of old thoughts, beliefs and desired. There focus squarely directed on separation and lack.

I don't describe an unfortunate time; instead, I describe a challenging one. One which is designed to bring out the greatest in us, the power that is only called upon by an enormous challenge. This is a monumental time where the Human race will be forced into transmuting and evolving into new levels of consciousness, the way they think, shifting their focus from lack, separation to abundance and oneness.

This period is no surprise to many, prophesied and predicted by the ancients, mystics and many channelers. This consciousness shift 2018 is all about the correction of the Masculine world we've grown accustomed to that is based on it's polarized focus and perspective. However, the harmonizing cure will be the Feminine nurturing energy that is ready to integrate, interpenetrate our hearts and balance out the predominant expansive masculine energy which has destabilized creation.

The thing is, everything initially happens on an individual level - I call it the power of one. Each of us has to invite and allow the coming of the new energy to change and evolve our hearts. And in doing so, it eliminates from us outwardly affecting others.

This is a unique time in all of history, take your position, let go and let in the consciousness shift 2018/2019.

All real, meaningful change happens within and out of discomfort and challenge - Ghramae Johsnon

As an individual, it is simple and comes down to a single question?

Are you focussed, tied to and investing in a world that is rooted in separation, fear, violence, control, accumulation above all else and elitism...


Are you focussed, passionate and investing in a world that is emersed in values such as love, forgiveness, compassion, unity, and oneness?

Nurturing a Synergized worldview opposed to a polarized on is the key to inviting the new Feminine energy in.

consciousness shift 2018Our hearts are connected to our perspective, our choices, and our actions. When we perceive the glass is half full, we set off and allow positive, abundant energy in. When we view the glass as being half empty, we attract and radiate a very different range of vibrational energies to and from our hearts. Therefore we will feel, choose and act differently.

Choosing Life and not death is among the pages of most wisdom teachings. The option is laid out clearly. We have two options when we perceive any one thing, a choice associated with life and another that is rooted in death. This new level of world consciousness will flow in when our hearts invite it in.

By re-connecting and falling in love with ourselves again, all of humanity and with all of creation. For we are all expressions of the one source, light and energy. We are all connected, valued, magnificent, and divine.
I am you, and you are me, on some level
enjoy your blessings!
Ghramae johnson

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Ghramae johnson
Ghramae johnson
Ghramae Johnson is an accomplished, charismatic entrepreneur, author and life mastery coach. He has created a number of courses and crafted multiple educational products that have transformed many lives, enabling his students (from all corners of the world) to create and live the lives they love.
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