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Spiritual Advise to a Friend

What would your spiritual advise to a friend be, who have lost their way?

I had a chance to catch up with an old friend the other day.

My Spiritual Advise to a Friend.

After, maybe four years apart we were both buzzed about meeting up for the day. He asked if I could shadow him for the day as he couldn’t get out of his normal duties. I said great that works for me. We started the day off with a delicious breakfast and thereafter, it was all go. Four hours into the day and we were on our way to the 5th meeting / delivery. It was then that he asked me for advise and achieving clearer life direction. I had a strong feeling inside of me to impress upon him that he was neglecting his own inner guidance system. I continued to say if you don’t realize you have one, you’ll not nurture it, and it stands to reason, you’ll not benefit from it. You’re missing out of so much wisdom, insight, and direction when we can’t be still.

‘Be still?’ he replied, ‘yes absolutely’, I said.

Being still Spiritual Advise to a Friendsets the atmosphere to receive, allows the unseen entrance into the seen world. Its where thought meets with the unseen thought (the divine mind or the collective consciousness), where ideas, insight, and wisdom are transmitted to us.

The still is where all is birthed and where we are invited to meet with the source’s whisper.

Quiet is the signature nature of the divine and honoring this is to practice being still

The ancient books state that being still is the beginning of knowing the sacred one, identifying the nature of the creator is a wise discipline. Nurturing it is among the smartest things we can focus on and the most loving practice. Why? Because when we make a sacrifice to connect to the source of all creation, we can be filled up and then out of that overflow, we can contribute to the world beyond us in a big, impactful way.

One whisper from the divine can change our lives, direct our course and transform many others.

Be still and start being a conduit in which the source of all creation can speak to and through you. Direction and clarity will become the least of your worries.


Enjoy your blessings

Ghramae Johnson

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Ghramae johnson
Ghramae johnson
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