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STAY INSPIRED | Competition or inspiration?

Ghramae here,

I’ve often confronted situations that called on me to choose either a competitive approach or an inspired approach.

Whether it’s teaming up with someone to do a task or observing someone doing something similar to you – what do you think? how do you feel? … even if you don’t show it, observing yourself can be very interesting.

If we’re really honest with ourselves, we sometimes have to manage a flow of emotions set off by jealous, envyous, competitive thoughts that question our value. These thoughts may consist of how we compare to someone  (their looks, abilities, their personality and qualifications etc). Or we can take a different approach, an inspirational approach in which we nurture a sincere appreciation for the other person’s unique expression.

I personally prefer the latter, although let me please STATE, HEALTHY COMPETITION is far different from the competition we’ve all grown accustomed to, as long as it is kept in the context of love and oneness, THAT’s for another ARTICLE. However, as far as pitting normal competitivness and it’s sepretist perspective against an inspirational approach, I vote ‘inspirational approach’, everytime. Inspiration leaves you with nothing but a gratitude and a light heart.

This brings me to a matter I eventually want build upon. It’s funny, I’ve been mistaken for  someones postman, another person’s builder, a couple of actors, footballers, a Tv chief, Ainsley Harriot (top right, pic) and even Floyd Mayweather(the life coach londonboxer). However, recently someone asked if I was Rasheed Ogunlaru, (a life coach, speaker, author of Soul Trader – bottom right, pic). In which I replied, no but I have a mutual friend who has wanted myself and Ogunlaru to professionally come together for a couple of years now.
Ogunlaru was born in London in the early 1970s to Nigerian parents. He was educated at Haberdashers Boys School.
I was born around the same time and went to a rival boys school called Gayton high, the same school as the likes of Peter Ackroyd, Biblical scholar, Clive Anderson, Comedy writer, and broadcaster. In fact, Mark Ramprakash MBE, cricketer was my classmate.
Ogunlaru was an entertainer for a while and then helped develop other entertainers to perform better. I was emersed in investment property for many years, first as an ambitious investor and then as a consultant & coach to both investors and entrepreneurs. Although I did do a 3-year stint in the fashion industry as a senior designer for a popular organization at the very start of my career.

We both have authored books, speak and teach at retreats. Many would suggest that we’re now in the same personal development space, making us enemies, rivals, scheming competitors. In short, what rubbish!.(as I smile)
I see this as so far removed from the truth. No, instead I’m inspired. I see two individuals, that have dared to stand-up, empower and equip themselves with liberating knowledge. Two individuals that possess obvious parallels in thinking, beliefs, and aspiration. The world needs explosive power, that is skillfully directed through motive and focused intention, driven by the right inspiration.

In short, great work my beautiful brother Rasheed Ogunlaru, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re inspiring.
And a big ‘high-five’ to everyone out there who is on their journey of contribution and individual expression, keep it going!!

The Source of Life knows best

To your greatest version,
ghramae Johnson

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