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Beard Mustache Skin Problems? THE beauty maven’s tips and tricks

beard mustache skin problems


Have you got Beard Mustache Skin Problems? Get rid of those razor bumps for good!


Welcome to another Episode of beauty tips and tricks with – THE beauty maven

Is shaving causing you unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs? If the answer is yes or you know someone who does, this post is for you! I’ll share my top beauty tips and tricks on how to permanently treat ingrown hairs for a smooth bump free face.

Let me give you some science behind razor bumps that produces beard mustache skin problems

The word folliculitis describes an inflammation of the hair follicles. In many cases of folliculitis, the damaged hair follicles are then infected with the bacteria Staphylococcus (staph) a bacterium that commonly affects the skin.

beard mustache skin problemsSkin care Pseudofolliculitis barbae is the scientific name for razor bumps, shaving rash and ingrown hairs in the beard area. In essence, Pseudofolliculitis barbae is inflammation of the hair follicle in the beard area (‘barba’ is the Latin word for beard). Razor bumps in the beard and neck area are extremely problematic for decent African men and other people (men and women) with curly type hair.

Beard mustache skin problems REVEALED.

So what exactly causes ingrown hairs? Shaving a hair causes the end of the hair shaft to be sharpened, allowing them to puncture and grow into the walls of the hair follicle. With curly hair, it tends to grow back into the skin instead of out the hair follicle resulting in an inflamed foreign body reaction. Razor bumps can cause the skin to feel sore and itchy – if the area gets infected papules and pustules (spots) could form.

Common symptoms of pseudofolliculitis barbae

• Red patches/ rash
• Itching and irritation
• Ingrown hairs
• Small red spots in pale skin
• Increased pigmentation (darker patches) in darker skin types
• Large spots if infection occurs
• Bumps/ spots

My beauty tips and tricks to get rid of those dreaded razor bumps for good

beard mustache skin problemsHave you heard of that saying ‘prevention is better than cure’? Well, the best way to prevent razor bumps is to simply let the hairs grow! However, if you prefer to shave, studies have shown the optimal length to be approx. 0.5mm- 1mm to prevent them growing back into the skin. Already suffer from razor bumps? Read on for my top tips for a smooth ingrown free beard.

• Tip 1: Laser hair removal treatment for beard mustache skin problems

A laser works by emitting a source of light energy to areas of unwanted hair growth and destroys the hair follicle, for permanent hair reduction– this is my favourite tip since it treats the cause of the problem.

• Tip 2: Use topical skincare ingredients that aim to exfoliate dead skin and treat the pores

Glycolic acid is great for sloughing off dead skin cells to increase cell turnover resulting to a brighter and smoother complexion.
Salicylic acid can penetrate the pores by cleaning, unclogging the pores and controlling sebum production to minimize spots and inflammation. Salicylic and glycolic acid are great exfoliants, and both combined is a powerful treatment for treating and keeping razor bumps at bay.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, my aim was to give you practical advise that you could actually use for your beard mustache skin problems.

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