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There is no doubt that a slim, firm face adds to the attractiveness and youthfulness of the face and who doesn’t want that? Aging and body fat can create an unattractive chubby face, fortunately, this is something you can easily remedy without surgery. That slim face you desire and deserve is possible with simple exercises and we aren’t talking the strenuous gym stuffs here.

There are various facial exercises for men that are efficacious for achieving a slim, firm and attractive face and they have to be targeted at specific areas to achieve maximum result.

The Tongue Press combats the Ugly Double Chin and Jowls

Lace your fingers together with the thumbs sticking out. Place the thumbs beneath your chin and push those muscles there. Now, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, notice how your chin muscles push against your thumbs.

Or try lying on an elevated flat surface; let your head hang off the edge then press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Lift your face slowly so the chin points at your chest.

Hold and repeat 10 times.

Trim and Lift the chubby Cheeks, Doesn’t look good on men

Lift your head and tilt it towards the sky and extend your chin as far out as possible while sucking in your cheeks as much as you can. You have to either stand or sit up straight while doing this. Stay this way for like 10 seconds, release then repeat 10 times.

To lift the cheeks and give it that appearance of firmness, you need to work with the apples of your cheeks. Yes, they are not just a woman thing. Don’t know where they are? Just look in the mirror and smile, see that protruding area just beneath the eyes, yea, above the check bones? That’s the apple of your cheeks. They actually look like apples right? Now, place three of your fingers on each apple and press down while raising your cheeks hard, keeping that smile still in place. Secondly, remove the fingers, form a long ‘o’ with the mouth with your lips protruding, then with your neck stretched out grin from ear to ear. Hold this position for a few seconds, release and repeat 10 times.

Use the jaw line clench for a slim, firm jaw

To do away with that floppy face, you need to sharpen and tone your jaw line. Sit or stand upright, close your mouth and grit your teeth. Let the muscles of your neck be strained taut by forcing the corners of your mouth down, then lift the chin. You can also achieve that chiseled chin by moving your lower lip above the upper lip as far out as it can go. Notice the pressure on the neck and jaw. Hold these positions for about 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

For that slim lower face

Work on the muscles of your mouth by pulling down the two corners of your mouth with two fingers of each hand. Then smile with your mouth closed so as to pull the mouth up and tense up the muscles. Keep at it for about 5 seconds, and then repeat 15 times.

Some of these exercises will probably look ridiculous to you as a man, but you need that slim face, so you might as well do them behind closed doors where no one but you will observe.

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