What is Numerology Life Path? (part 2)

what is numerology life path

What is Numerology Life Path Course- part 2

In the most widely used system of ‘Pythagorean Numerology’, each letter has certain numbers attributed to it, and each number has specific energetic vibratory meanings and effects, like the each colour in the visual colour spectrum has. Calculations are made by adding these specific numbers arrangements together and then reducing the figure to the lowest possible denominator eg. The year 1994 would be 1+9+9+4 =23 and 23 reduced is 2+3 = 5.
There are a couple of important exceptions however.

What is numerology life path - Course part 2

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What is Numerology Life Path‘Master Numbers’ do not get reduced as they are thought to resonate at a higher energetic vibration and therefore carry more responsibility coupled with more potential than the other numbers. That being said, no number is any better or worse than another, all are necessary for the complete cosmic tapestry that is creation. It is the presence, absence, inclusion of Master or Karmic numbers, and the combination & frequency of the numbers that appears in our personal chart, which represents and displays our full inner cosmos. Fully interpreting the combinations is a skill that comes with much practise by Numerologists in addition to the personal reflection of the sitter based on private life experience.

The Master Numbers are less ordinarily found in people’s personal charts and are seen as the numbers 11, 22, 33, and even less commonly 44. It is thought that as human consciousness develops further we will see an emergence of more Master Numbers appearing more commonly such as 55 and 66. Those with a higher preponderance of Master Numbers are thought to be ‘old souls’ with a heightened awareness in a specific area who have chosen to come and face heightened existential issues in order to master their energies and pass on this knowledge for the benefit of others. Hence why there can be seen to be bigger responsibilities associated but bigger potential results. This can emerge as greatness or destruction, as extreme pain or extreme highs, it is a choice by a Soul to carry these high vibrational unsteady energies and is therefore no exceptional special gift, it is a mere existential choice for rapid personal Soul progression. Any number reducing to any of these double digits should therefore be interpreted & understood as such and not reduced further eg. 11 to number 2.

Another exception to the rule is seen with ‘Karmic Numbers’. Unlike the phrasing may imply, Karmic numbers have no What is Numerology Life Pathassociation with wrongdoing or penance. Karmic numbers simply have a heightened personal challenge attached which will require extra effort to capitalise upon the lessons, than do the regular numbers.
A person’s energetic make-up makes them predisposed to thinking, acting and feeling towards certain means. These natural energetic channels are polished and expanded when a person forces themselves to stretch beyond their natural comfortable states and break potential negative patterns of thought and behaviour. The opportunity for expansion is felt and later identified through pain of negative consequence or intertia. It is when the pain of not changing outweighs the effort, discomfort or risk of not changing that transformation then occurs and is felt as relief whilst positive results are experienced (through the shift in perception and inspired action).
The Karmic numbers therefore each have a deeper meaning beyond the already substantial conventional challenges of experiencing the polarised aspects of each number. The area of growth desired is indicative of the Karmic number revealed in the chart, its placement and relates to areas which have not yet been fully grasped or refined enough by the Soul.

These are summarised as follows;
Number 13 (laziness or workaholism), 14 (sensory excess), 16 (facing the ego and re-birth), 19 (correct usage of power).


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Letters & Their Associated Numbers


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y* Z

*The Y is always a vowel, except when there is another vowel (a, e, i, o, or u) next to the Y, and that other vowel is part of the same syllable. In those cases, the Y becomes a consonant.


Below are 2 working illustrations of how to Calculate the Destiny and Life Path of a person with the name Thomas John Dee who was born 26/09/1967. Firstly looking at the Destiny Number:

286411   1685   455


286411 + 1685 + 455 =   56.

We then reduce the 56 to 5+6 = 11

As 11 is a Master Number we don’t reduce it further as we would ordinarily with other numbers (which would usually be a reduction to 1+1 = 2). Therefore Thomas John Dee has the Master Destiny Number 11 (which is a heightened version of the sensitive, intuitive and cooperative number 2).

His Life Path is again calculated using methods of such addition and reduction is as follows: Date of birth 26th of September 1967 (26/09/1967)

2 + 6 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 40. So we take 40 which is 4 + 0 = 4 Life Path

If his numerology Life Path would have reduced to 13, it would have been a Karmic Life Path 4 as 13 is a Karmic Number. This would have implications of the methodical slow and steady Life Path 4 either succumbing to laziness or workaholism as an extra balancing challenge.


Quick Reference list:

I hope this answers your question 'what is my numerology life path?', we have included a quick reference Number Characteristics list.

  1. The ‘I Am’. (Masculine Being)

+ Self-awareness & expression, Purpose, Courage, Initiation, Leadership

  • Self-Centeredness, Resistance to change, Arrogance, Indecision, Dogmatism
  1. (Feminine Feeling)

+ Adaptation, Support, Harmony, Sensitivity, Receptivity, Feelings, Intuition

  • Submission, Naivety, Emotional tyranny, Impatience, Over-sentimentality
  1. (Masculine Doing)

+ Extroversion, Dynamism, Ambition, Sociability, Flamboyance, Enthusiasm

  • Ostentation, Recklessness, Dictatorship, Over-ambition, Wastefulness, Envy
  1. (Feminine Thinking)

+ Organisation, Practicality, Observation, Self-control & discipline, Logic

  • Banality, Procrastination, Hypocrisy, Disruption, Withdrawal, Rigidity
  1. (Masculine Sensing)

+ Expansion, Flexibility, Tolerance, Exploration, Philanthropy, Charm

  • Complacency, Indulgence, Judgment, Falsehood, Indolence, Waste
  1. (Feminine Imagining)

+ Imagination, Discernment, Devotion, Diplomacy, Geniality, Refinement

  • Inconsistency, Treachery, Righteousness, Vanity, Lacking grounding
  1. Bridge To The Spiritual Realm. (Masculine Limiting)

+ Humility, Responsibility, Empiricism, Self-discipline, Philosophy, Resolve

  • Inhibition, Skepticism, Fear, Ignorance, Anxiety, Isolation, Censorious
  1. Mastering Transformation. (Feminine Transforming)

+ Regeneration, Patience, Persistence, Power, Ethics, Charisma, Self-mastery

  • Manipulation, Greed, Vengeance, Blinkered, Destruction, Irresponsibility
  1. (Masculine Transcending)

+ Talent, Determination, Compassion, Intuition, Strength, Spiritual awareness

  • Escapism, Self-pity, Hypocrisy, Aggression, Gullibility, Spiritual pride
  1. The master Numbers hold heightened vibrations of their respective reduced numbers eg. the intuition of the 2 is heightened to psychic awareness in the 11


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