How to Increase Your Self Awareness

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How do you increase levels of Self awareness?, this is both a brilliant question and an enormous step on the process of our human and spiritual evolution. It's a time of revelation and often excitement. I can remember a lot of my own momentous times of 'waking up' and becoming more aware. Times when I saw things totally differently because of a paradigm shift and a slight change in my consciousness. The feelings of relief, newness, aliveness, wonder and progress.. However, there are many ways to experience awakenings, from the innocent day to day experiences, meditation, living in the now - to the more extreme organized retreats and powerful plant-based medicine rituals (all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed).

Although, today I will share 3 less extreme ways you can start increasing your self-awareness.


How to increase levels

How to increase levels :

This is a habit I teach people to establish within their life because it encourages you to examine the reasons behind why you do certain things. This is a probing exercise that forces your body to reveal and give up deeper and deeper stored answers. For example, when you are about to do a thing or when you feel an emotion, stop and ask yourself why?, a  simple 'Why are you doing that? or Why? do you feel that way allows you to pause the automation of life and start a self-exploration process inwardly. The first 'why?' is not the same as the 3rd 'why?' or the 5th 'why?'. Each why? carries a prefix ‘yes but’. Meaning, yes your answer is true at some level but what lies deeper?, what is hiding beneath that answer. Each 'why?' sends a more lazer focused massage to the body, softly suggesting to let go of the resistance and open up to the feeling of vulnerability, in an attempt to peel away the layers that hide the truth. This procedure is performed in an attitude of love and safety. When an answer is revealed, you draw closer to a deeper awareness of yourself.


Emotional Vocabulary

The more you can express your emotions and give a voice to the way you feel, the more you are able to channel outwardly the flow of energy.

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Many people are not able to do this and this causes the energy and emotion to be frustrated, this intern can lead to toxins, disease, negative attitudes and other harmful situations building up within the body. This is why many individuals go to therapists and after venting a while, they feel better, its the relief of allowing the flow of energy to depart from the body. Learning to express how you feel at any given moment, creates a channel that releases energy that may otherwise cause damage. However, it also creates a space that allows you to learn more about the way you feel, the emotions that are generated, your reactions and why they were triggered in the first place. Be free to explore and become self aware through your emotions.


NO! - to the reptilian brain

This may sound quite harsh, however, it’s for a powerful and self-loving outcome. When we practice saying 'no' to ourselves, we create a pause and enough space in time that allows us to review why we are about to do, what we're doing. This break in time triggers an awareness about ourselves, and in doing so strengthens the awareness muscle and our ability to intervene in the brains automotion process. This will become very useful in understanding ourselves to deeper and deeper levels..
Most people understand the brain's functioning by identifying 3 main parts - the reptilian, limbic and the neocortex. The irrational, automatic fright and flight impulses of the reptilian brain can really take a hold of our reactions and force us into knee-jerk behavior based on it's natural tendency to preserve our life, a pre-programmed auto response. However, we can practice overriding this automation and rewire our brains to be more mindful in it's responses by establishing this little 'say no' habit. By saying 'no', we disempower the automation of the reptillian brain and start to become more aware of it's tendency to knee jerk and where we need to implant new instruction.


ghramae Johnson success expert'Know Thyself' is a command you'll find in most ancient text, in fact, it's been a theme in my life for over 2 decades now. Knowing yourself leads to knowing the universe and everything within it.


As always to your greatest version


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