How to Love the Life you Live

How to Love the Life you Live


How to Love the Life you Live?

Well, being able to live a life you truly love can also grow out of learning to love the life you currently live - Let that sink in.

Don't get me wrong, I am well aware that there are 'legitimate motivations for change', and hating the life you currently live can be a powerful one. However, we sometimes overlook the good, beneficial and valuable in our existing lives by focusing solely on, what's going wrong. By appreciating the full picture we can extract the good and deeply valuable (that often come in various disguises). We can use them to springboard ourselves to new levels of experience, wisdom, appreciation and gratitude. When we can identify what we've been given, we create a wiser, holistic perspective that will enable us to sustain deeper depths of happiness and contentment in the future.

How to Love the life you live

Loving your life is like putting air in your balloon, allowing you to become lighter, thus enabling you to advance upwards. - Ghramae Johnson

how to love the life you liveIn short, Love is light like a feather and hate is heavy. The more you can let love into your life the lighter and bright your life gets, simple. Throughout the years i've heard so many say they hate their life, finding absolutely nothing to like, appreciate or love about it. This becomes a very heavy existence, very hard to move positively from this type of heaviness. I find most people are waiting for something different to just - Happen!, however, it doesn't always happen like that. Making change is within the realm of our responsibility, and we cerainly have the ability to respond delibrately to bring about change.

We've all heard the one liners like, 'Count your blessings', and 'Whatever you appreciate will increase within our life'. However, as I always state in my teachings, familiarity can accommodate the breeding of contempt and disappointment or deep empowering appreciation and love, it truly can.

How to Love the Life you Live may also mean being able to receive wisdom. Hearing a nugget of wisdom in the past or even many times before, doesn't mean that it loses it's power or transformative potency. It simply means that, you may have chosen to restrict the amount of power it can pour into your life by not allowing it to fully integrate into your daily routines. We forget that the only way a powerful truth can benefit our lives is if we apply it within our lives, hearing it is nice but just not enough.

The good news is,  you can be periodically reminded in articles such as this (How to Love the Life you Live) that continuous appreciation and love for the life you live right now, can provide the opportunity to wake up and open oneself to it's power. I have listed a few reasons to why you can learn to love the life you live, hopefully stirring up and cultivating an attitude of appreciation. Make no mistake, by adopting this state of mind, you increase you're vibrational frequency and allow yourself to operate from a higher dimension.

How to love the life you live with focus

OK, let's start to shift our focus, perception and thinking regarding the life we currently live. We can do this by attempting to truly appreciate parts of it. As we move from part to part, we are making shifts in our consciousness, the way we think about our life. Learning to love the life you live, is not desiring to STAY IN IT FOR ANY LONGER THAN YOU SHOULD, it's aligning with the universal laws and by doing so, aligning with the path that leads to the next healthy level of life for you.

How to love the life you live with a shift

Causing shifts in your thinking therefore your vibrational frequency will eventually change what you'll attract into your life. By scouring your life and finding things that you're grateful for now, as you go from one to the other, you start creating a path to a position of power. Appreciation can evolve into deep appreciation and love for the opportunities of life. Repititiously integrating these positive statements, embedding them into your head and heart daily empowers your actions, enriches your purpose and clarifies the stepping stones of life (...

These exercises really need to be given the honour they deserve, that means you will get out of them what you are willing to put in.

Prepare a period of quiet time, a writing pad and paper.

Start with, I appreciate my life for xxxxxx I already possess now, today

Write each appreciation down, staying mindful of what your writing and what you're appreciating. Continue with the list until you get to a positive, empowered, energetically charged state.

More appreciation suggestions to help you create your own (what's specific to your life?), before long you'll find your own momentum.

  • I appreciate my life for xxxxxx, they have been a good friend
  • I appreciate my life for being able to do xxxxxx this month
  • I appreciate my my life for xxxxxx that gave me the opportunity to xxxxxxx
  • I appreciate my life for the memories with xxxxxxx I've been able to create and look back at


Now, when you get your momentum and start tasting that energetically charged, empowered state of mind. You can switch appreciation for the life you live to love the life you live.

I love my life for being able to improve various skills at my workplace

I love my life for presenting the specific challenges I need to become my greatest version

I love my life for xxxxx coming into my life as a friend

I love my life for all the bad advice I didn’t follow

I love my life for the beautiful adventures I'm still yet to go on

I love my life for the ones I love

I love my life for the ones I forgot, as they are still to enrich my life

I love my life for the work I do, as this is my gift to the others

I love my life for the jokes I'm yet to hear

I love my life for everything I am not sure about, as it will still challenge my being

I love my life for all the beautiful sunrises I remember

I love my life for all the fantastic sunsets I still recall

I love my life for tomorrow’s sunrise

I love my life for yesterday sunset

I love my life for the gifts you are yet to receive

I love my life for the health you have

I love my life for all the beauty you can spot around you

I love my life for the ugliness

I love my life for the lessons learnt

I love my life for the wake-up calls that guide me back to balance


How to Love the Life you Live
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From this position of appreciation, gratitude and love we see miraculous things happen, from synchronicities, sudden opportunities to doors of new beginnings open. We are prepared to take advantage of these 'New experiences' because we have become good stewards of the 'Old'. The 'Old' is the present and whatever the present is for us, it's a path to a bright future. If we start to understand that we don't have to live our lives conditionally, that is to create a condition that permits us to experience a happy emotional state, instead we can simply be happy now! and then build on that state of being to create new experiences that we'd adore. Making a desicion to be happy with our current experience of life by performing the above exercise, selecting experiences that shift our energy to positive is key. So, How to Love the Life you Live? is a great question and when answered and shifting towards... is even better.

Please leave a comment below, let us know how you intend to confront this challenge, we'd love to read your thoughts.


how to love the life you liveTo your greatest version



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