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'Growth Mindset secrets' is my new born.

A book that I've birthed out of my womb to bring awareness of a disempowering condition that unfortunately, the majority of the population possess. It was created to transform underachieving mindsets into powerful empowering generators. I wanted to expose an important mental deficiency I possessed as a young person, the same deficiency I identify in most individuals even today. A mental condition that infects the mind, triggering a chain reaction of mental fixidness and an inability to see our true potential.

However, I reveal how we can turn our minds into powerful success generators that perform at the highest levels, capable of expanding as fast as our desires flow.

The truth is,We can...

  • Be whatever! you want to be
  • Do whatever! you want to do
  • Succeed at whatever! you want to succeed at

Only by de-bugging your mind and re-programming it as a growth mindset.

I believe, in essence, we are consciousness, intelligent energy or some may call it spirit. We find our way into a human body and start our earthly journey. This journey sees us negotiating circumstances, situations, predicaments and a multitude of interactions. As we negotiate, we are given the opportunity to recall and draw references from our catalogue of experiences, meanings and beliefs; also generating new thoughts, beliefs, emotions and meanings. We consequently attribute meaning to these new interactions, therefore create conclusions that further flavour our perspective - and the cycle goes on.Growth mindset secret book by Ghramae johnson

Within this journey of life, two of the biggest and most important subjects we've formed an opinion about are OURSELVES and OUR CAPABILITIES. Why is this important? because it’s the key to unlocking our greatness. This book will explain in detail, why this is so, why we would benefit 'a Trillion fold' from overcoming certain subtle programmings that carry deverstating negative reprocussions. it also includes step by step methods, techniques and practices that enable us to re-program, overcome, and transform victoriously.

I named this book, Growth mindset secrets for a reason.

  • 'Growth', implies that there is a progressive, expanding potential.
  • 'Mindset', describes how we think and our mental processing.
  • 'Secrets', hint at a sense of MYSTERY, unrevealed truths that are able to radically transform.

In my 47 years of accumulating ancient wisdom, life experience and the fruits of academic study, I have learned that it is the small, subtle shifts that create the biggest changes. I remember a conversation I had with a good friend of mine, Les Ferdinand (aka Sir Les). As an ex-international footballer and presently Director of QPR football club, he often transferred wisdom he had learned to me using football metaphor. He said ‘Ghramae, it’s the tiny shift of weight to one side, or the minute angle change when striking the ball that wins the championship - not the long scientific equation’. When reading this book, understand one thing, people become successful, expand and progress because of the things they actually do and impliment. Don’t let the size of a truth fool you, it’s often the small shifts you actually apply that yield the massive results.

ghramae Johnson success expertThis book is packed with treasures, small and big, capable of changing your mind and therefore capable of transforming your life.

I include psychology, science and entrepreneural endevours to give the reader a good understanding of a healthy, expanding, growth mindset. I also clearly outline traits of an apposing fixed mindset, and how we can move from this limiting, mental position to a mind that can litterally perform at the highest levels.

Start re-setting your mindset for massive growth and expansion.


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Ghramae johnson
Ghramae johnson
Ghramae Johnson is an accomplished, charismatic entrepreneur, author and life mastery coach. He has created a number of courses and crafted multiple educational products that have transformed many lives, enabling his students (from all corners of the world) to create and live the lives they love.
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