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Accept your way through life

Imagine for a few minutes, the countless variables there are in life. Variables like people, the weather conditions, animals, the sea and it’s life forms, technology, aircraft, insects, stars, planets, temperature, etc. Then think about the vast number of emotions there are, like anger, rage, peace, joy, happiness, boredom, indifference, etc. Then reflect on the smaller compositions of life like atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons, carbon, etc. Just ponder a little on the sheer number of effects that are generated by all of these life variables interacting with each other. Trillions upon Trillions of events, situations are created and caused by these variables interacting, in every nanosecond. This cause and effect cycle goes on day in day out and has done from the very beginning.
As a young boy, I useacceptanced to ponder a lot on these types of observations. They used to fascinate me into a daze. 30 years on, they still capture me, however maybe in a slightly different way. Yes, I do imagine the countless variables but only to remind me of the incredible and complicated detail of life. This reality of life no longer confuses me or creates internal unrest; instead it provides me with an anchor to a truth I realized years ago.

This truth is a key to my inner peace. It’s called Acceptance. Yes, acceptance of life and it’s incredible complications.

Acceptance is understood in three main ways.

* The first is the act of taking or receiving something offered.
* Acceptance is sometimes known as positive welcome and belonging; favor and endorsement.
* Accepting the conditions and terms of an agreement.

In all of these variations of acceptance, there is a thread of continuity within all three; the thread is - alignment. Aligning with and putting up no resistance to, is at the heart of acceptance.
You see, the key to a powerful, peaceful and consistently vibrant inner state is the ability to accept and embrace life, 'in its entirety.' However, accepting life in full sounds so simple, especially when you say it fast. Accepting life can present many trials and testing times. Very few of us have been taught and trained to flow with life’s countless variations and effects. It seems we totally skipped the class on life and how to respond to its numerous events, situations, and interactions. Ratheracceptance, we grew up learning to resist these variations in life. We respond in many ways, including ignoring, attempting to change, deny and adopting a multitude of negative emotions.
Learning the inner state of acceptance is directly connected to retaining an internal and external balance within our lives. First, understanding that life is, in fact, a compilation of the uncountable number of variations, happening every nanosecond - is fundamental. This factor doesn’t change whether we agree or disagree with it. This factor becomes the very foundation to which your worldview rests. Your perception then creates a context for your thinking, beliefs, and responses. Now we can then either choose to accept life, in its real nature or not to accept it. If we do receive life in its true nature, we stop resisting the smallest situations to the largest events. We start accepting and embracing the contrasts, unexpected, testing conditions and the whole dance of life itself.

Now, acceptance is in no way the same as tolerating. When we tolerate something, we allow it but with a very different attitude and state of mind. Acceptance is based on a deep understanding, a real respect and honoring of the natural flow of life. By just accepting, we are expressing so much through our knowledge and choice. With every decision of acceptance we make in life, we do two things.

1. We create an internal environment (clarity of thought, perspective, emotions and the preservation of health) that allows us to be our greatest version.
2. We create an external environment (peaceful surroundings, orderly and stable) that lets you live your most excellent version.

Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, etc.) Talks about acceptance as a "this is it" GHRAMAE JOHNSONresponse to anything occurring in any moment of life. He says, our strength, peace, and serenity are present when we no longer resist or grasp tightly to what is so in any given moment. The point is, can one be sad when one is sad, afraid when afraid, silly when silly, happy when happy, judgmental when judgmental, overthinking when overthinking, serene when serene, etc.

Many faiths define and speak about acceptance. For example, Buddhism's first noble truth, "All life is suffering," invites people to accept that suffering is a natural part of life.

The word "Kabbalah" means acceptance.


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